I am slow, I know. I have been running between projects and even so I still need to plug a lot of holes in the boat. But today I have a new Katharsisdrill artwork - this time in 3D. A STL-file which means that is can be used directly in a 3d-printer.

You can find the file on my website

I have been working on this piece for quite some time. It has undergone many changes both in size and function and has now finally settled in this shape as a pendant which can also be used as a brooch. I have modelled it in Blender using the sculpt tools which for every new version becomes better and better. As I have some of the finest Danish goldsmiths in my close family I plan to have it made in silver in the dimension seen above. It will be numbered, but with no upper limit of the edition, and I plan to sell it on my webpage. The piece is supplied as a stl-mesh and can be imported into Blender (and other 3d-suites) if anyone wants to use it as it is or for spare parts in modelling.

The motive should be obvious to anyone with a bit of knowledge of ancient Nordic mythology - Idun (or Iðunn) the keeper of the sacred apples that keep the Æsir Gods young.

Tomorrow it is one year since the death of a person dear to me. This piece is for her - for Alice.







It's very beautiful, as if she is about to take flight. I love this, and hope to get one of the first you have for sale in silver. Tag me if you post when it's available.

the only image I see is huge! Around 5 inches. Is that right?

This is just digital screenshots, but I will post a picture tomorrow of the 3d-printed piece. I promise to let you know when they are ready in silver. It is a complex and still many thousand years old technique you use to cast silver, and I really look forward to see my brother go ahead with it - cire perdue is is called, lost wax :)

I suppose that no. 1 will be for my wife, but say any other number between 2-10 and I will make sure to reserve it for you.

I just looked that process up - he will have to make a new wax mold for each piece? Even the process is ethereal. Cool.

I have no idea - #8?

Yes, a new mold for each piece and then you will build a wax tree with the canals that feed the cast - and then all kinds of knowledge is required to actually do the casting - will the places where the silver is thick suck out silver from the places that are thin when cooling for example. But all that is out of my hands...

Love the website!

Looks great. Seems you have mastered the Blender tools. I would really like a 3d printer, but it's a matter of having the time to get into it and having enough uses for it.


I would never be able to find the time to calibrate and slice and all those things. But one of the fine things in my life has been that I have a brother with whom I have always had a close relationship and with whom I have always made a lot of work and projects. So as he can 3d-print I don't have too :)

I wonder how much I would use one given there are other things I do not get around to. I could probably find someone to print anything I wanted done.

A lot of places in Denmark has Fab labs where you can use different digital and other machines, and communities around them where you can find help. I am sure you could find something like that in England.

I know my work has various 3d printers, but I doubt they would do personal projects. There will be 'fab labs' too, but I have not looked into it. It's going to be a growth industry. I went to a talk a couple of years back by a guy who builds and sells the printers. He designs 3d puzzles and uses them for prototypes.

I have Phill and the gang on my desk before me.


Jeps... I have them too looking at me.

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Wow, it looks really great. Quite a far cry from how it was when you first posted it.
Before blender what software did you use for 3d modelling and sculpting?

The first 3d program I used was 3dMAX. It is many years since I moved on to Blender, but I haven't been anything this complex with it before.