# GitPlaitelite -3 developments/tutorials related publications on Hive(Friday)

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Today is another day for the GitPlait-elite publication. We appreciate everyone that are posting tutoring publications on this chain. As always, we have handpicked some good posts out of the more good posts here to showcase to the community.

GitPlait is a community that aims to provide solutions/answers to devs, support coding tutorials and collaborations.

Post One

Howto to use beempy for posting by @holger80

The author, holger80 made a clear tutorial on how to use Beempy to publish on Hive. It is a really wonderful publication to check. Click the link to read.

Post Two

[Python] Use Hive2Vests to get list of Witnesses by HP Votes by @chitty

This is another simple tutorial by @chitty. He shows the tutorial on how to use python script to fetch the list of Witnesses by HP Votes.

Post Three

The #1 programming tip you will ever learn by @themarkymark

@themarkymark has been publishing some tips for developers in the "spirit of the hackathon", and we handpicked this one because of the valuable point he made here. We highly appreciate tutoring post but it is good for devs to know that they should build themselves while they learn from tutorials.

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