# JS from start— Pick an editor to start the client-side pure JS progressive Tuts.

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I published a post a few days ago about my aim to create something progressive for people that wish to learn JS from scratch. And, I talked about the limitations I might have setting up a mini studio, but I believe I can still put things together to reduce the process and time it will take to set up the studio.

This JS Tutorials will be progressive as I wrote. I will take you through...

  • Variables (var, let and const)
  • Data type in JS and Type conversion
  • Maths objects and numbers
  • Strings methods and concatenation
  • Array methods
  • Template Literals (ES6)
  • Object Literals
  • Date and time
  • If statement and comparison
  • Switches
  • Functions declarations and expression
  • General loops and more.

There are lots more to learn, but I will decide after these highlighted topics. Also, I will pick each in one post so that it won’t be exhaustive for me and you will also get the chance to ask questions on areas you don’t understand. Plus, you need to have a basic knowledge of Html so that you won’t get lost.

You gonna need a code editor to write codes, and these are the three out of many you could pick from. But I would suggest you pick VSCode. It has many exciting extensions that would ease your work and make your coding environment look good. It is free. However, you could check the Atom and Sublime. I have used Sublime also and I think it is cool

Download ATOM here

Download SUBLIME here

Download VSC here
Src for the 3 Img.

If you pick VSC, once you install it, search for an extension called, “Live server” by Ritwick Dey. This extensive work to open up HTML files on local host and it auto reload whenever you save a file. You could also install bracket pair colourizer and JS (ES6) code snippet.

That will be it for now. I will write about using the console in the next post along with Variables and declaration, which is the var, let and const.

I will post on the #jsfromstart tag — everyone on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Thank you!


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