Welcome to the wonderful world of AIDS

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WELL it looks like those that wanted to be the liberators and saviors of humanity because they had no other group or way to make an impact on the planet might have been the ones, to now be worse off than those that just lived their lives, loved, laughed and spent time with those that they loved….oh yea and did not listen to the government. Commanding people to try its new drugs, because it is safe.

Getting Aids i not that bad, it could help you with a lot of tasks around the house and garden...getting aids inside your blood can be horrible and probably something you should avoid.
But getting aids for the sake of protecting you, protecting me, by way of eating food to save an African kid from starving is by far the most selfish things you could do....even though you said it was for the kids in Africa as you chewed on the bone virtuously, happy that you stuck yourself with something you had no clue what it was.....now you get Aids . congrats.
Jokes on those that asked you to wait it seems....oh wait nope, jokes on you.


An now you want the government and some chodes to make rules, to make it so that everyone gets Aids, along with your sorry sack of self. haha nope no thanks. Most people would prefer to live on their feet standing, free then on their knees a slave, locked inside a cage, which is now going to be your body, which will slowly degrade away, as you will still be gasping for life by the dying light of the night as you wish the pain on others heads for the sake of saving someone you thought you would be wonderful for doing so. But that is the way it goes when you are inverted and think you are better than others for doing some weird shit some people tell you to do, because they tell you it would be good if you did it, you listen and do what they tell you to do because you have nothing better to do than use your mind to think a bit about what you might find. And jump on in you do…never able to sue the person who you will soon blame made you do. Hahaa nope, sorry they told you it was not going to work that way.


How funny is that, you got aids and you thought they were joking. Looks like those quarantine camps were built for you and yours that took the magic serum for the sake of your souls to be saved.
What a world this place is, those that want to be first are going to be last.

So now you might actually be a part of the club....Dallas buyers’ club, ahem.

And yet the frontal cortex of your mind is shattered, gone and you seem to be lost in a glaze haze of no thought no dreams and cannot even look at what you see as you autonomous-ley go about your day shot in the brain and your mind is shedding away....welcome to the AI, you are no longer human. Synths, NPC is what you shall be known as now.


But perhaps there is a cure to save yourself from the shit you injected within yourself...if you do not die, first you might just make it as long as you got million to pay the guys who got the cure from the stagnate disease that you willingly injected into yourself...ahahaha...fool.. like, putting peanut butter on a bear trap and you went for a lick head first.


So it seems that if you are a GMO human you might just need to keep taking those shots to keep the Aids at bay....oh wait who is going to pay, for your experimental drug habit that you are now locked into for the rest of your sh!t short lives?
Well that is about all i can say on that at the moment.
If you have read down to this point i suggest you look at the studies coming out of the NewNaziZealand where doctors are getting alarmed or Israel where the same is happening...seems like the rats are jumping off the ship. Some CEO of those drug pushers have just dumped all the stocks and went away....epstein island likely...
Here is the bonus, you made it to the end.

Seems like that is the way this all goes, not with a bang but with the soft exhaust of the breath of your mouth that you might argue that this or that is your work or that it is that persons work...i wonder, did you invent the color red, or blue, if so then please let me know and ill send you all the bits and bytes of the digital world to which you are master and lord, creator and fool.


memes will take over ;-)

They already have.

Thanks ill try to get thought the video....

The last american vagabond is so solid but yeah he covers the Vaids topic thoroughly if you go to his channel. Love his relentless energy in providing actual facts and info each week/day. Hope all is well man. Trying times as people like yourself start to face increased government pressure for standing up against elitism and the oligarchs tyranny.

A lot here in this video, going through it slowly. Thanks for the info.

Watched it. Thanks for sharing that to help broaden the scope of my understanding. !PIZZA

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We are on the same page! Glad to say that, because not many people are on it yet, and I'm feeling like an even bigger freak than usual...

What NZ doctor links do you have?

Well right on then glad i have someone out as far as me on the ledge.....;-)...Ill dig one up i came across on a telegram a few days ago....ill have a scroll back to grab it, hopefully today ill get it.