The Perils of Urban Exploration

Yesterday's explores were a mixed bag. Talk about long driving, and with the days getting ever shorter I am questioning whether it's worthwhile.

Maybe the long-distance ones should be reserved for the summer months?


'Candlestick Cottage' was the highlight, a delightful time capsule that I will be writing up sometime next year due to the huge backlog of content I have stacked up.

For the first time ever, I fell through a floor, around a 4ft drop but enough to daze me. It's one of the perils I encounter every time I step into one of these 'dodgy places'.

...'those floor tiles look ever so safe.., except they were not.. the bastards! I went hurtling down there, without warning landing on my side.. it happens fast...

That story again is for another day, but I was unhurt.

I will also be out of action for a while after picking up both a shoulder and knee injury, likely sustained at ‘Sally’s House’.

Urban Exploration is not a sport like Running? I know how @bingbabe feels now with her frequent injuries. It's annoying, to say the least.


You know I worry about you. Any physical activity has risks, but you have to weigh it up against what you get from it. Best not to go exploring alone as you might not be found for a while otherwise.

Take it easy.

My knee impeded my sleep last night and I'm struggling to lift my right arm up. I felt nothing while out, it all happened when I got home. I'm sure both injuries are not a result of the broken floor. Just bad luck. I will be out for a few weeks.

I expect you can still write some posts. I'm sure you will be bouncing around again soon.

I am still processing content from last April. We did lots in the summer.. so yes., I have mucho in the bank.

Damn man that's rough, I've done a bit of Urban exploring, but, luckily I've never fallen through floor boards!


UX is a blast and recently I have been avoiding injuries. Yesterday seemed like a build-up of the last few months in one go!

Wow. I hope the damage will get fixed quickly. Knees can take a while to heal.

Thanks, it was a shock, and I'm limping a little. No explores for me for a while. The weather is getting bad anyway, I don't like it much in the winter.

This definitely gives you time to recover! May I ask a very naive question: how do you get information about the places to explore? How to they know they exist? Thanks in advance for your answer!

A lot of the locations are provided by @anidiotexplores. It's a very underground secretive community with a lot of back-stabbing.., and toxicity. They are only derelicts buildings.. but extracting information is like pulling teeth unless you are trusted.

Ouchicus. Hope you heal up quick, Ankit decking injuries I get these days take ages!!

I'm feeling quite sorry for myself. Either the shoulder hurts or the knee or both. You would think they could have a meeting and arrange one or the other, or even to hurt me in shifts!

Cocodamol. That's the answer!

I am sure they will heal up fast though!

I've been taking Ibuprofen. Took a Solpadol last night, and was tossing and turning around..

lucky... bloody floors freek me out sometime... I really have to tiptoe about thinking il be lighter 🤣

We did Sally's House shortly after. I couldn't bear to go to the top floor. The memory was too fresh and the stairs, almost collapsing!


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it certainly wakes one up when the floor collapses 😂 , still you live to fight another day, the pain only starts when the adrenaline fades but soon you will look back and laugh your cock off!