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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Turd Factory

You know, I am actually happy that at least these old buldings can be a shelter for the homeless. It takes a whole different level of pain tolerance to be able to sleep in such a place. I think this was the first turd art photographic endeavour I have seen from you lol . Who could blame them, the toilet looks awful, I do wonder why they did not go outside though , sitting in the post turd perfume ain't pretty

At least the homeless have a roof over their head. Even if it's stinky. God only knows that few of us would be able to live with ourselves if brought under similar circumstances


they deserve a starlink, irl cameras that mine their lives, and mobile RVs with all the EBT store atms and stuff right theer and some mobile shower and incineration toilet and solar panel and battery PYLONS

Lol 🤣