Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Turd Factory

in Urban Exploration2 years ago (edited)


Despite the name I have given it, this old bad looking factory never manufactured faeces and I wouldn’t expect anyone other than a fertilizer producer to do so.

Read on if you dare, but be warned there are some bad images coming up. @anidiotexplores as usual found this one, and it’s quite close to where he lives.


Since our visit, he tells me more of ‘The Turd Factory’ has been opened, with confidential documents, rubber dolls and 70’s porn magazines being on show. It shows how busy industrious Britain used to be in decades past.

I could and should have done the re-visit on my last outing this year, but the thought of climbing through that bloody window again when I was knackered deterred me.


Next year, or possibly this year if I can be persuaded out of ‘Urbex Hibernation’ I may re-visit now I
know where to place my feet.

Not mentioning where this is or what it is I can safely mention the escapade we had getting through this small opening that was once a window.


Look closely.. yes there was a helpful chair and why is it there you ask?

Could it be someone is in there right now, living it up and eating their Steak and Chips while washing it down with a premium pint of Boddingtons?

There was only one way to find out, and thankfully this entrance is quite out of sight of the general public and prospective Karens.

Having learned a little about the anatomy of the human back and now knowing it only bends one way, it was a question of head first or feet, do the twist and the feet go in.

The former option can be quite useful and I have done it on couple of recent occasions (not posted yet). Every situation needs to be analysed.


When there’s a shitty looking toilet on the far side, there was only one answer.

With amazing dexterity that brought floods of tears (and laughter) to my colleague’s eyes, I managed the mid-shuffle roll and blindly shuffled my left leg on to what I thought was the edge of a heavily used shitter hoping for the best.

Nothing to it”, I said to @anidiotexplores with a confident swagger who as usual had little trouble navigating, ‘the hole in the wall’.


With a chuckle he meandered through the dark only to stop short.

Oh.. what the fuck is this… SHIT!

If he had stood in it, then the shoes would have had to stay. I have a strict ‘no shit on your shoes rule’ for access in my car.

...'I couldn't bring myself to post the raw version of this, that's far too bad taste'...

That’s HUMAN shit…, bloody vile”, he said going into some kind of coughing wretch.

I had no idea @anidiotexplores had such a reaction to what comes out of our arses. I don’t have any fondness for it and have no interest in Coprophagia whatsoever, but could muster up the photograph for prosperity.

We need to move on, just watch where you step, I mean you don’t want to slide on your arse and fall into an even larger pile”, I told him with an evil smirk.

I figured someone was living here who didn’t want to use the derelict toilet facilities anymore. Now why is it?

It was grim in this.., whatever it used to be. Everything we looked at appeared to be in a colourless monotone contrast.


This AdPro FastTrace unit appears to be the old CCTV system used to protect it. Was it not worth taking with them?


The main section of what may have been a warehouse was spacious and empty. I was wondering where the stairs were. We never found them which was strange.



It can only have been written by someone homeless. Could they not get the message across orally?

Looking more closely at what we were walking on revealed a familiar scene.


Walking on shit or walking on used needles; neither appealed to me.


Didn’t I just post a similar image recently? This pigeon was obviously a heroin addict. Rehabilitation is now out of the question.



The old offices were in a terrible state, though the discarded bottle of pop looked quite fresh.


Some chests you should simply not open.


The conditions these homeless live in are terrible. It’s enough to make you want to inject something bad into your veins.


Do you think he got the message across? There was more than one homeless bum living here.


That makes my back sore just looking at it.


The hand sanitizer may well have worked. I should have tried; anything to remove the grubbiness from my hands.



The industrious workbench for all that cooking up no doubt.


It might have been an idea to try pushing these doors. Getting through the original exit again wasn’t my idea of fun.


Whoever lives here must use the same exit point everyday when they leave and go begging. Now I know why that shit was not in the correct place, it was all starting to become crystal clear.


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I hate it when people use this comment on youtube but in this case I feel as though I have to.


hahah True! "TURD FACTORY" !!?? Never clicked faster in my life!

theyre gonna pay people hive to mine pictures of homelessness, expose how bad areas are and lower property prices so hive users can move on in and clean the areas up and raise prices and tie it all to hive nfts and sheeeet lol

I'm not afraid of shoveling some shit so a decent human can have a safe warm place to sleep.

digital shit shovelers hard at work

just like in the matrix!

"digital shit shovelers"

Great band name

Lol, same here

I occasionally add these warnings to stop people throwing up. The stuff I see is not for everyday viewing. The first iteration of this was the unpixellated faeces but I felt that was going a little far. I think it get's the message across as is.

Bro. I feel like committing arson to that place just from seeing pictures. I have no idea how you could stand in there at all without immediately just dousing yourself in bleach and chlorine.

It could be that I will never see the 70's porn or the rubber dolls as someone may have already torched it. You do get used to what I do.., call it desensitisation. Neither of us had any idea what was in there, it was a complete unknown and original discovery.

No kidding. No *hit on your shoes in my car either! That would be pretty barfy. I have plastic shopping bags for emergencies like that. I like the way they leave notes for one another. :) That is sad the way they can go into that place and sleep. I cannot imagine what it is like at night, crawling with God knows what.

There were no real clues (for me) as to what this place was all about, but I can tell you, crawling through that itty bitty window would be out of my wheelhouse. It's that step down that will kill ya.

I manage to get lots of other types of junk on my shoes, but shit is going a little far. Those grubby thin sleeping bags are not going to keep you warm.., it's almost zero here right now.

I have boots that I use to muck out the horses' stalls and even though it is something that comes with the territory, every time I get fresh horse manure on the bottom of them, I scrape it off and chuck the boots aside for a bit. It was a whole lot grosser when I was walking through the field barefoot and had it squishing between my toes.

We are unseasonably warm here for some reason. it was 20C for a few days now. Probably the end of the good times I am thinking. I think there is a temperature that would make sleeping in those places look good. Of course, that is easy to say from this side of homelessness.

Yikes, that one looks pretty rough for sure! I would have expected it to be much bigger than it was looking at the outside. I guess when you are high as a kite, you don't really care how comfortable the place you crash is. I'm just waiting for the time you come across someone in one of these places who has OD'd. You should carry around some NARCAN with you!

It is a largish building, but we could only get in a section. I will need to ask my comrade whether the other part is still accessible. Coming down must be terrible.., freezing, damp and cold.

who doesn't enjoy the odd turd, dead pigeon and drug paraphernalia, shame we don't get to see the 70's style hairy muffs

It was quite crap to be honest, but a new place and off the radar. My comrade finds all kinds of weird haunts to explore.

yup he certainly does

OMG, what a plaace and what a story. I only can imagine what had happen at that place

A dire dark place mate.., I hope the other section is not through that same window!

Dude, you are brave walking in that place. You could have ended up being someone's lunch.

I let the other guy go first.. hehe..

Haha good call!

You know, I am actually happy that at least these old buldings can be a shelter for the homeless. It takes a whole different level of pain tolerance to be able to sleep in such a place. I think this was the first turd art photographic endeavour I have seen from you lol . Who could blame them, the toilet looks awful, I do wonder why they did not go outside though , sitting in the post turd perfume ain't pretty

At least the homeless have a roof over their head. Even if it's stinky. God only knows that few of us would be able to live with ourselves if brought under similar circumstances

they deserve a starlink, irl cameras that mine their lives, and mobile RVs with all the EBT store atms and stuff right theer and some mobile shower and incineration toilet and solar panel and battery PYLONS

Lol 🤣

Man....I see a TV series developing out of your adventures. Out of this world....well what a world of decay that we live in! Discustingly beautiful!


I'd watch that

A series on my stuff would probably reel in a raft of complaints like never seen before. Only here I can show it without some admin banning my content. This one was quite a one off though, a total mystery place until we got in and looked about.

I think part of the appeal of your work is the covert nature and like you say showing without being banned! Your posts just keep getting better and better, and the humor pairs well with a pint!

wow, very interesting. Be careful there's not any druggies around any of these places you go to. Do you bring a friend for back up just in case?

The druggies are generally out begging during the daytime. It's rare to catch one at 'home'. Yes, I always go with someone, I am not fond of solo exploring.

One false move and you're in the bog!

Another thought occurred to me. Start rating buildings by the amount of decaying pigeons. "Meh, it's only a one Pidgeon! the other day we were in a five Pidgeon accommodation." 🤣

They get mighty pissed off, those pigeons. In some there are 30 or 40 all deliberating on whether to do a mass focused divebomb attack. I can sense it in the airwaves.

There's a pub up the town where I live that's been boarded up for 20+ years. A few years ago, a couple of the top windows were open, and the pigeons had a ready-made hotel and were multiplying like wildfire. It was like something out of Hitchcock's The Birds to watch them leave in the morning and return throughout the day. |The council forced the owners to clean up that floor (three storeys) and repair ALL the windows.

A terrible waste.. boarding it up, it could have made for a good explore!


Just been up the town and took this picture for you. I couldn't be arsed to cross over the road to take a picture of the front, but if you look closely, you can see the pub is way too close to the road, which is why they closed it down.

There's no way of getting in unless you break in.

this title is as !LOL as it gets

turd factory? with the first photo of a broken toilet... not a click bait for sure!

I used to run an origami company.
But it folded.

@slobberchops, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @pocketrocket
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It's not the first entrance I have crawled through with a bog on the far side. One slip and it's disaster.

It’s always amazing to me how people don’t squat in these places and make them nice it’s like they want to live in the worst places possible and actually make things look worse than when they found them.

If its got one thing going for it.. it's dry (but very damp). A lot of squats have broken windows so it's not a lot better than being outside. They never take care of them, it's a scene I have seen countless times.

Yeah i looked at a lot of abandoned building sites at one point as rlt wanted to do a fashion shoot in an abandoned asylum. They are all the same! I chickened out in the end thinking about if the model got injured lol or we got caught mid shoot.

Lmao 🤣 The pixilated shit is hilarious.
No shit on your shoes in the car is a good policy. Especially if its human shit. 🤢

I almost posted the unedited version. It was too bad.. even for here.

Probably best that you didn't

Amazing photos!

This is like peeling back the layers of society and looking at the turds and muscles!

It was the first of many that day and at least not a fail. That's all it had going for it!

You have done everything I am afraid to do.
There are so many abandoned places near where I live but I only dare shoot their outside.
I ve never been feeling brave enough to go inside, because I am really afraid whom I may meet...
Thanks for sharing this post and thanks for the warning ;)

It's rare to meet anyone inside, at least here. You ought to be only afraid of people, not old brickwork. Take someone with you, preferably with a machete and you will be fine!

You put your left leg in, left leg out. Then do the hokey cokey getting in ;-) Nice but not so nice set pal....

It was a grim place, and I can't even say one of those shots was good. I always look for at least one good one.

What delightfully disturbing accommodations. I shall move in tomorrow. Do you think they allow residents who prefer not to inject horrible substances into their veins?

Not a chance, you need a membership card to get in.. we were lucky and escaped the doorman!

Shame. Well I suppose I will have to find somewhere else then. I would rather be sober and homeless than a junkie with a home.

Beautiful. Reminds me of something on Million Dollar Listing.

The hand sanitizer being the only thing in working order is hilarious! I don't get it though... They live in that place, why wouldn't they get a bucket instead of using the floor? And maybe fix up their entry point 😂

I have used those dispensers at other derps I have visited. They are amazingly rigid and dispense the goods!

It's equally disturbing that the goods weren't used years ago 😂 But I guess the tenants aren't exactly into handwashing.


Not bad explore. You should be go there at night :P

The homeless lived there in terrible conditions. I'm not sure if I can joke about this ...

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#onlyusemeblade can live there lol



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