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Bro, you're a very big inspiration for me never to give up because have almost given up due to my inability to bring the best out of myself. But your story touches me, I still have better resources(even though the resources are malfunctioning) than you when you started the journey. Your story has given me a head-start to never give up but put more consistent effort and follow the processes till the very end. Thanks for bringing me to this great community.


I am glad that my story inspires you to put in more effort. I know you can do better brother that is why I always keep telling you to try to be more active. It would not be easy but it would get better as you push through.

Moreover, you have me. I am always there if you need me and I would try my best to help you out the best way I can. You can do this bro... Go Go Go Go Hephzi!!!

Thanks for the motivation Brother. Just dropped a post, you can check it out.

I have checked it out brother and left you a comment on what you should work on.