4 years ago  

What does ME KIEP mean?

It means f-u-c-k. As in exclamation teens use when things go horribly wrong...

 4 years ago  

Ahhh I see.

It's pretty uncommon to see Vietnamese people swear, but there is still quite a lot of vulgarities... Some are so rude, that most normal people refuse to write them in full... Like writing "vcl" instead of "Vãi cả lồn!", which is more intense version of English "Holy Shit!".

 4 years ago  

The one I learned was TRAI OI, oh the Heavens or oh my God.

You mean "Trời ơi!"? That's not even swearing...

 4 years ago  


Haha, nice joke~ Hellu from Vietnam ^^

My friend was born in Hai Phong... In exchange for contact details of singer Kristine Sa, she taught me a lot of Vietnamese words... Her family moved to UK when she was little, so she wasn't good at writing Vietnamese, so I had to learn writing Vietnamese by myself. When I wasn't sure, I asked little sister of singer Luong Bich Huu to check if I made any errors...

Waoooo cool! Thank you for studying my language so hard 😍 anh có thể nói tiếng Việt với em nhé 🤗


Funny job to learn Vietnamese 😅

Vietnamese is just one of the languages I had to learn at work... We write software for people all around the world and only fraction of those people understand English...

Opppt, I made mistake with my English 😱 I mean "joke" not "job". Hope you understand it ^^ Wao, you impressed me that! How many languages have you been able to communicate now? 😻

I stopped counting after 13 languages, but I still think the number is less than 20. It really doesn't make sense to count all the languages if I only know few words or sentences.

On daily basis, I only use about 5 languages, so in those I'm better than with the remaining languages. I can recognize text written in all of the languages, but I still do need dictionary to translate many of the words.

In some of the languages, like Tagalog, I know some words that native speakers don't use anymore, as the words are considered archaic, so only older people know the correct meaning.

Wao, giỏi quá! I know some slangs from different countries as well and sometimes get fun with these when talking to international friends😁
I wish I could speak fluently a half of your counting (which I don't😅)