@blocktrades 前调,HIVE在 Power UP后30天,才能投票见证人

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bittex 开放 hive 充值提现后,@blocktrades 发文前调,HIVE在 Power UP后30天,才能投票见证人。

@blocktrades 的帖子Quick update on Hive-related activities at BlockTrades 里面说了很多信息,引人注目的是“Delayed voting power change”。


The delayed voting power code works by discounting the voting power of newly powered-up stake for 30 days when it comes to witness voting and proposal voting.
Note that this delay will not affect other uses of newly powered up stake. For example, newly powered up stake will still immediately increase your voting power on posts and will increase your available resource credits.

大概意思,HIVE在Power UP 30天后,才能进行见证人和社区提案的投票,但这不影响其他权利的行使。



steem @blocktrades 前调,HIVE在 Power UP后30天,才能投票见证人
hive: @blocktrades 前调,HIVE在 Power UP后30天,才能投票见证人


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