The City of Solaris: By Maxrazorwin

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The City of Solaris

-~The brightness blinds you, even though its the dead of night. The steady roar of plasma engines surrounds you, and you duck through the crowds of impoverished citizens~-

It's the year 3077, and mankind has discovered the ability to harness the suns energy.

The world has progressed to a state where the countries of old have formed into one community. English and Asian languages have been melded into one tongue known as 'Solarus' and with a merging of language came a merge of power.

Space travel is now feasible, with new galaxies being discovered and settled every day. Overpopulation on Earth has forced its people to innovate new ways of life.

The pollution from ancient factories still muddle the sky in an inky smog and the poor and destitute are forced to live in densely populated cities. With the rise of CO2 and greenhouse gasses from pollution came a surge of seawater, flooding the old coastal cities. To alleviate the rising tides, walls were installed to protect the remaining civilizations.

All the while, the wealthy have fled to new homes amongst the stars, claiming the void for themselves, and controlling, manufacturing and distributing Sol Energy.

About the Project

Hi! I am @Maxrazorwin, and I have been building in Minecraft since Beta 1.6 and have gradually been honeing my building techniques since. In 2017 I discovered Aliquam Creative and was given an outlet for my creativity to be put to the test.

The city of Solaris was started in September of 2019, and is currently ~30% completed. The map is intended to be the starting point for a broadscale multi-city map, with the community adding their own settlements across the custom landscape.

Military bases, toxic wastelands, and spaceports are just a few of the projects being worked on, as well as the main innercity and suburbia.

Questions? Be sure to contact us on our Discord (

Want to see the progress so far? Just visit Aliquam Creative MInecraft server and enter /hive open maxrazorwin Solaris' in the chat to see this project in full!

Godspeed, Traveller!


No way... This is awesome! I mean this is so original and the construcctions are so detailed😍 Congratulations!

Wow, I've never seen this on a server, and it's amazing <3 Reblogged!

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