“Dandelion Tea Part 2 たんぽぽ茶 その2”

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“Dandelion Tea Part 2”

Finally, the dandelion leaves dried well. The weather was very good these days so I was lucky. After drying the dandelion leaves, I roasted them on the frying pan for a while. I used to drink dandelion tea in Japan but since I moved to Canada, I didn't have a chance to drink dandelion tea. So, I was very excited to make dandelion tea. My house smells like a Japanese tea store. I love tea stores’ smell.

“たんぽぽ茶 その2”



After roasting the leaves, I used a stone spice bowl Instead of the mixer as a grinder because I didn't want them to become flakes.



It look very pure green. It looks like Matcha tea. Its smell is between Matcha and Hojicha. Some people say, it smells like Oolong tea. Dandelion tea reminds me of all kinds of smells.



These guys are from last year. I picked them and dried them last late summer. I want to put them into dandelion tea someday soon. All good for ladies’ health conditions. Of course, men can drink too.



I used this teapot and tea net. Some leaves became small flakes so these went through the tea net. Actually, I didn't feel any leaves like other tea. I didn't mind these flakes. The taste was very deep and delicious. To be honest, this taste is way better than organic expensive dandelion tea. That's because maybe I took time to process the tea or I am drinking domestic leaves. Hm... Probably both.



Here is the color of the tea. It looks weak but actually, it has a very deep flavor. I only used two scoops but the taste was very powerful and good. Again, I didn't mind these small flakes.

I only made a small jar of dandelion tea. I appreciate the tea makers. This is not an easy process.



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I love that you took the time to forage, dry and properly prepare Dandelions for tea! I have had wine made from them, but have not tried tea, though I know there are several health benefits. I went back and read part 1 and enjoyed that post as well. Now I want to try drying out my own tea leaves! :)

Thank you for your nice comment! I really enjoyed making tea! Did you make wine!? Wow! That sounds very cool. I never tried making wine.

You're welcome! :) I did not make the wine. A good friend of mines grandfather used to make it. The wine was light and delicious, but packed a real punch lol.