“Spring Taste 春の味” Photography 写真

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“Spring Taste”

I had yummy spring wild plants the other day. On my property, I can pick some seasonal wild plants. I noticed that I can pick Lady Ferns last autumn when I moved in. Yes! I am able to pick Lady Ferns this spring. Lady Ferns are very similar to Ostrich Ferns. Fiddleheads are a little bit different from Lady ferns but basically from the same fern family. I cooked them with sesame oil, brown sugar, and fish seasoning with mushrooms.

Furthermore, I picked dandelion leaves before the flowers bloomed. They taste very bitter but yummy. I made a spicy dressing with lemons. After I ate this salad, my body condition became much better. Dandelions are very good for maintaining hormones. That is why I am thinking about picking more dandelion leaves after the flowers bloom. Then, I will make dandelion tea. Drying leaves are a little bit challenging in Nova Scotia because we still have chilly days and lots of rain possibilities. Hopefully I can dry them well! What is your favorite spring food?




Fresh Dandelion Leaves 採れたてのたんぽぽの葉っぱ

Lady Ferns ミヤマメシダ
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You are welcome @koto-art! Great to see you engaging so much with the community! 👍
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