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We often ignore the little things in life that we should pay attention to rather we focus on the big things which could have been sorted out if the focus was on the little things.

We often forget that it is small drops of water that makes an ocean.

Some of these important small things that we often ignore include the every day greetings and salutations that we use in our relation with other people. If we fail to do them it could give us a bad reputation, make us have a bad day or even give people bad impressions about us.

  • Thank You


The power of appreciation is highly placed in the whole world. It is used to show how you value what has been done for you or to show that someone value what you have done for them. "Thank you" can make people perceive you in a certain way either in a relationship/marriage, family or business. When you appreciate your spouse they feel loved and even do more for you and in a business setting, your clients will know you appreciate that they do business with you if you appreciate them.

In order to effectively say your "thank you" it must be said genuinely and show that you are truly appreciative. A fake appreciation could easily be detected and it will be a disappointing experience.

  • Please


"Please" is a word that is used to show politeness and it is often difficult for so many people to use. The word is often used when you'd like to request something from someone or a favor.

It is wrong and not polite to ask people to do you a favor or to carry out a job for you in an authoritative manner, even if you are superior to the person - you may never know the said person may be superior to you tomorrow. So, it's good to treat people nicely and politely. Please, use the word "please" the next time you'd like to ask for a favor.

  • I'm sorry


Sorry is used to show remorse when you have done something wrong to someone. It is a magical word. It is very power to restore calm and peace in a disturbed union between two or more people either in the house, office, school or in the society.

In an office, you can gain the favor of your boss when you apologize for your wrongdoings or errors that you make during the course of executing your duties.

You may be following the path of destruction if you refuse to say "I'm sorry" because you think you are always right.

  • Smile


The importance of smiling cannot be overemphasized. This is the reason you see your favorite celebrities, and sports players smile every time in an event or on the pitch. Have you ever seen a frowning receptionist before? Smiling is contagious and most times it attracts good things.

These are some of the "little things that matters" that we do not pay attention to. It is important that we note them and pay close attention to them in order to make our lives easy.

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Your comments, criticism and votes are highly appreciated.

The smile has been an helpful tool for me so many times and it is still useful till today.

The I'm sorry is not that easy in some situations but it has been a lifesaver too.

Thanks for the comments.

I always wonder how people find it difficult to say ‘I’m sorry’, could it be deep rooted in pride ?

That's quite true..pride could be a major factor.. There will be other minor ones too btw

I'd never want to have anything to do with someone who finds it difficult to apologise...

It will be a crazy experience