in Hive Naijalast year

Hello guys!

Yeah, it is indeed a great beginning for me as I am the happiest person to be newest member of this amazing family.


My name is Akanbi Olawale, I hail from Kwara state.
I grew up in the streets of Ijegun, Lagos state, Nigeria.


I was born and raised in a Nuclear family, where I happened to be the second child of my parents.
My mother gave birth to two children, hence making me the second born, the youngest and a son.


I had all the stages of my education on the soil of Lagos state.
I started and ended my primary schooling in a popular school known as Queenmaris in the city where I grew up in known as "Ijegun"


I used to be the stubborn, naughty and intelligent type in school. This resulted to a lot of friends for me, "both the good guys that wanna tap from my intelligence and the bad ones that loves being naughty"

I became grown enough for secondary school, and I also started my secondary school on the soil of lagos state, Ijegun city. I successfully finished my junior secondary schooling in QueenMaris school.

My parents agreed to continue my secondary school education in the same school "Queenmaris" as to them is the best thing to do concerning my education!
I was smart enough to be crowned the "headboy" during my set.

This changed a lot of characteristics about me. The naughty and the bad aspect of my life!
However, I took a lot of responsibilities as being a head boy presented a lot of puzzles for me to solve in my secondary school days which left me calm and responsible till date!

With the help of God and support of my parents, I finished secondary school in the year 2019 and was early enough to secure admission into Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state, Nigeria, in the year 2020, where I'm currently studying mass communication.

My time so far in the university has been fun. "I feel like it shouldn't end no more"
However, its definitely gonna end someday when I become a graduate!



■ To be candid, I love music a lot. For me, music is a turn on and vibe giver to me. I have a lot of passion for music!
I used to take out time to write songs, score songs and get better at what I do musically!
Although many people, including my friends never believed in me!

I never saw myself as what they saw me as, rather I kept being consistent wanting to know more about music.
In my late first year in school, I was so lucky and fortunate to come across "D4MUSIC" popular known as @obaro here.

He did a great favour for me because he really has helped my music life. He made me understand certain principles of music after I enrolled in his music school known as "D4MUSIC school"

■ I love reading too!
I discovered I really had passion for reading books and writing real well. I developed myself and became better.
And I still strive to become better daily!


I see hive as a life changing platform and talent inspiring gateway. I'm starting to see the effects of hive positively as my writing skills is developed.

On a normal day, I wouldn't sit to write a long and well composed essay like this. But I can tell, hive is really going to bring out a lot of qualities in me just as she has brought out qualities from other fellow friends and hivers.

I joined hive to explore, add value and reach out to the masses with the talents given to me.
Hive is indeed a blessing and an inspiration to me.


I got to know about hive through a brother of mine and my music tutor known as D4MUSIC @obaro. He is such a strong man and support to me and has helped my life musically and in a lot of aspects!

He recommended me to be brought on board and it was assigned by his mentor, @starstrings01 who I'm really grateful to for making my coming on hive a reality today!

My sincere appreciation goes to @obaro, @starstrings01 for their strong, valid and kind support and mentorship.
And also to you all that stopped by to read, I say thanks!



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Thanks a lot @ecency I'll definitely look into it!

Welcome to the family man
I bet you are going to love it here

For sure, I'm really having fun already as i speak!

Thanks for having me and accommodating me!

youre welcome buddy!! Ride along smoothly. youll like it here...cheers🥂

Thanks a lot mate, this us highly appreciated!

Welcome to the community
Do have a sweet adventure here

Thanks a lot pal!

I really appreciate.
Yeal, I'm really gonna have fun!

welcome on hive :D hope you will like it here. most of the people are really friendly

Hello @walexwhy! This is @jcrodriguez from the @OCD team. Congratulations for making your presentation post to the community.

Hive is the best Blockchain and on the platform you can express yourself freely and showcase your talent.

I also invite you to explore other communities that you might like in this post: OCD Communities Incubation Program. There is a wide variety of topics. Check out all the communities. If you are looking for tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: newbie guide. They are easy to understand and useful for learning how the platform ecosystem works.

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If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Okay, I'm definitely going to go through the do's and don't!

Thanks a lot @lovesniper

Do you know the user @g-tunes? it seems they use a template for the presentation post, they say almost the same thing, they just change some words.

I know her casually! Not a close friend.
But we definitely are going to be friends soon based on engagement!

Why have they made a different presentation? It seems to be made by the same person, some sentences are completely the same.

Welcome on board @walexwhy good to have you here

Thanks a lot @blezedoh
I'm glad to be here too!

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I sincerely apologise as I didn't intend violating the rules of this lovely community.

It is a grevious mistake on my path and it wont repeat itself again.

Thanks for the guide and notice!

It's so good to have you here

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Hello @obaro please put @walexwhy through about community rules. Content is heavily plagiarised. Thank you.

I'm on it.

Thanks for the notice.
Action is being taken, thanks!

You're welcome to Hive🙂

Man, welcome to Hive. Plagiarism isn't aloud here and it is best if you change the template you took from g-tunes. Make use of how own words and not that of others.

You are just starting out on hive and yet, you fumble at the start. Now, I am left to wonder how you would sustain being on Hive.

Welcome to Hive. I'm a Mass communication student as well and it is indeed a fun course. Music is like a window to the soul. Enjoy it. See more of you soon

Welcome on board dear..

Welcome onboard bro
You ain't lying when you made mention of music a turn up vibe for you.. I also love music.
There are musical communities here on the platform where you can explore..

Have fun exploring