Hive Open Mic week 128 - Heartbreak - an original creation

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gm frens!

Super happy to be able to make it this week with another Grammy-worthy entry for #Hive Open Mic!

There's lot's of amazing and talented creators as always, so I'm honored to be here with my very silly, but original creation.

This week's theme is Heartbreak so I decided to do a parody of Mark Ronson's - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart ft. Miley Cyrus

The idea was to relate it to something that happens from time to time in our beloved blockchain... the infamous downvote.

have you ever gotten one?

from a bot maybe?

Everything is composed and recorded in Logic by yours truly here in the studio using mostly soft instruments.

Except for my angelic voice... that comes from the very essence of my being 😄

Logic Screen.jpg

hope it gives somebody a smile!

Here are the lyrics if anybody wants to sing along 😁

I joined this chain not long ago
before the fork
before the whole canole, ravioli

I publish content every day
I try my best
‘cause that’s the way
to get noticed

You gave me a downvote
now look at me I wear a frown
I was a good post
you bots with Xs are some clowns

Can’t you see that I’m crying
My self-esteem is on the ground
I pound and I pound
yea, I feel like a hound
‘cause your clown-ass voted down

We buidl and buidl
and buidl away
we stay the course
and never stray
you know it… don’t you know it!

Hive by Hive and Day by Day
Don’t get rich quick
We’re buidling all this slowly

You gave me a downvote
now look at me I wear a frown
I was a good post
you bots with Xs are some clowns

Can’t you see that I’m crying
My self-esteem is on the ground
I pound and I pound
yea, I feel like a hound
‘cause your clown-ass voted down

Because of time constraints, I couldn't find some of the words in some of my verses so I just went crazy and plugged in the first thing that came to mind.

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Brother what creativity you have! the truth is you are a jewel, and you know we do not feel too happy that you are here, we hope to continue seeing you more often and with this type of material that leaves us amazed, plus it is noted that you are a master at it, what dedication. Thank you so much!

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Haha thank you for your words, you're very kind! And Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm here to have fun and share some laughs with my fellow Hivers 😄

We'll see each other more for sure; even if we get hit with a downvote, lol.

Jajajajjaj hombre, coloca en los comentarios la letra!!!! 😆

Claro que sí amigo! Ahora lo pongo en la publicación. Estoy seguro que esta pieza va directo para los Grammys, así que la voy a registrar también 😄

Jjajajajjjaja ya sabía que lo poco que llegué a interpretar de la letra no tenía nada que ver con guacamole!!!!! Jajajjaj genial ésta canción pues. Qué te digo? 😁🌄🎶🎶🎶

Jajaja es que tenía que rimar y ya no había tiempo para seguir buscando palabras.


Así que le metí lo primero que se me ocurrió

Por lo menos rima 🤷‍♂️

The lyrics are ingenious and original and I love them.🙌🙌
I really love the production too.
Much love, bro.
Manage my small upvote😂😂

Thank you for not downvoting me! I'll leave that for the bots with Xs in their names lol

Your vote and comment are very much appreciated my friend

Thanks for the upvote too

Man this was awesome! Loved it dude! This was super creative and a great way to come back from an unfortunate downvote! You definitely get upvotes only from me brother!
That is an awesome setup you have too man, some quality gear! Great video quality too. May I ask what type of setup you're using? Also, do you run a 'live-stream' set up or record your audio and video together then match them in an editing software? I'm looking to upgrade my setup and videos but not too sure how haha.
Great video man, look forward to yours next week!

Hey! Thank you very much! This is my recording studio.

I mostly run it as a business for clients and don't make a lot of my own music any more.

Until now!! That I'm starting to participate in Hive Open Mic and having tons of fun.

I record video and audio separately and splice them together in Adobe Premiere. The lens is a Sigma 30mm. Love it so much I bought 2 😄

A good lens, mic and lights will do wonders for your recording setup <3

Really funny can't help but sing along😂

Haha I thought it might be a funny way to talk about this "heart-breaking" subject.

😄😂 heart breaking yet really funny

Dudeee, so fun jasjd, I loved this. I think you are the first person that does something humorous here, you are great, thanks for sharing this gem!

Haha thanks @jkalthor, tons of fun here. Love HIVE and feel right at home at #hiveopenmic

More people should try to make it funny. It's hella fun 😄

Your interpretation is great, keep going because it will get better and better.


Thank you so much!

I'm going to try to start working on my hive open Mic entry two weeks in advance, so I can practice and improve the quality of my compositions 😀

No need to improve what you do as far as I'm concerned..more of the same please.

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OMG...that was f***ing excellent. You performed it with such passion and I nearly wet myself laughing. 'Guacamole'.......😂🤣