Hive Open Mic 113 : Infantil | Ambilkan Bulan Bu medley Bintang Kecil cover by @donirosayandi

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Hive Open Mic 113 : Infantil | Ambilkan Bulan Bu medley Bintang Kecil cover by @donirosayandi

Hi Hivers, how are you all? I'm sure we're all fine. By the way, my name is @donirosayandi, I'm a guitarist. On this occasion I will sing again For the 113th week of Hive Open Mic, the following theme: "Infantil." In English, this means: "Childlike," or "Infantile."

For this week's theme, I have prepared good songs, not one, but two songs that I medley related only to this week's theme, namely the songs popularized by Sheila on 7 - "Ambilkan Bulan Bu" and " Bintang Kecil"
These two songs are very popular children's songs in my country, and are often sung when small children are about to go to sleep at night.

Ambilkan Bulan Bu

The song "Ambilkan Bulan Bu" was popularized by the band Sheila on 7 and child singer Tasya. The creator of this song is Abdullah Totong Mahmud or who is more familiar with the name AT Mahmud.

He is a musician and a senior songwriter in Indonesia, especially in composing children's songs.
This song tells about a child that he took to fetch his sleeping moon. The meaning of the moon in this song is that it can be interpreted into beautiful hopes or ideals.

The song "Ambilkan Bulan Bu" is familiar to the people of Indonesia. Since childhood, this song is often sung since kindergarten. It can be said that this song is not an ordinary song.

This is because, this song requires a deep meaning. Of course, in childhood, they will have many dreams. And by listening to this song, it is hoped that children can realize their dreams. Because this song is a symbol that encourages children to instill dreams as high as the moon.

Please take the moon mom
Please take the moon mom
Always shining in the sky
In the sky, the moon is bright
The light reaches the stars

Bintang Kecil
Bintang Kecil was created by a songwriter named Raden Gerardus Joseph Daldjono Hadisudibjo, or commonly known as Pak Daljono. "Little Star" tells about the beauty of nature, and it turns out that this song also has a deep meaning.
Most of us only realized when we grew up that this song actually has a message about the greatness of the dream that we must have as children. At first glance, the lyrics of this song broadcast the beauty of the night to small children when the stars are decorating the darkness.
If we look deeper, the lyrics actually have a much more beautiful meaning. A star, no matter how small the star looks, is actually a big star and shines very brightly thanks to the reflection of the sun's rays.
The star looks small because it is so high above the clouds. Such is a dream, no matter how small the dream you have, it is still big and can shine very brightly. Hang it as high as the stars above the clouds and fight to fly high to reach it.

Little star, in the blue sky
So many, decorate the sky
I want to fly and dance
Far high to where you are

Here I list the lyrics of these two songs

Ambilkan bulan, Bu
Ambilkan bulan, Bu
Yang selalu bersinar di langit

Di langit, bulan benderang
Cahayanya sampai ke bintang

Ambilkan bulan, Bu
Untuk menerangi
Tidurku yang lelap
Di malam gelap

Bintang kecil, di langit yang biru
Amat banyak, menghias angkasa
Aku ingin, terbang dan menari
Jauh tinggi ke tempat kau berada

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My friend... You've brought us another great entry with your usual awesome performance .. you sound always blows my mind... You're a great musician dear friend... Am happy to listen to you play 🎶🎺🥰🥰🥰🎸💙💙💙🎶🎶🎵🎤🙌🙌

thank you @ovey10 i am very happy to be able to entertain you and this community, good luck to you

You're very much welcome dear brother 🙌🙌💜💕🎵🎸🎺🎵🙏

Una bella interpretación tanto con la voz como con el instrumento, no es nada fácil lograr cantar y tocar un instrumento musical a la vez y túlo haces muy bien, @donirosayandi, gracias por compartir tu talento. Saludos desde Venezuela. Éxito.

A beautiful interpretation both with the voice and with the instrument, it is not easy to manage to sing and play a musical instrument at the same time and you do it very well, @donirosayandi, thanks for sharing your talent. Greetings from Venezuela. Success.

thank you so much mrs @elioe i practiced singing a few times for this song, and i love working like this, it's fun, good luck to you too

Wow, the cover is so cool, this song reminds me of my childhood and this song fits perfectly with the theme of this week's contest. Salam sukses selalu om @donirosayandi 🤗

Thank you @romirspc we all remember this song because we grew up with these songs

Muy bueno amigo @rosayandi 😊✨ siempre haciendo buena música merece un aplauso 👏🤗
Lo felicito..😊✨👍

muchas gracias @yuli07 estoy muy feliz por tu reconocimiento y aplausos, mucha suerte para ti

One of the things I love about Open Mic is knowing so many details of the culture of brother countries, and you have been one of the people who have nurtured my knowledge with everything you present, you are very valuable to us, my friend. These songs are beautiful, I am sure that with your talent they sound much better than they already are. Congratulations and thanks for sharing...

Openmic in English.jfif

thank you very much @jesuslnrs i am happy to be able to share something positive, and i think all the children bring out positive energy for all of us

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Thank you very much @diyhub

Lagu yang sangat familiar bagi masyarakat Indonesia, khusus nya anak anak.

Terima kasih sudah membawa kembali kenangan indah masa kecil saya.

Good joob Bro ! 👍👏👏👏🎉🔥🎼🎶✨🎵🎤🎙️🎸👌💯

Yup betul bro @galih.amenk kita sama-sama dibesarkan dengan lagu ini ketika hendak tidur, terima kasih banyak Galih, sukses terus

Amigo @donirosayandi que hermoso te quedó está entrada, quien no se queda dormida con esa voz que transmite tanta paz y tú acompañamiento es increíble✌️🌟👏👏👏al leer tu escrito y ver significado de la letra puedo decir que lo reflejante en tu canto, eres un estupendo artista, un gran abrazo y éxitos 🎶🎵🎤🙏💫💚💙❤️💞

Muchas gracias @nellynohemi es un honor para mí, te has detenido en el post, estoy muy feliz, la canción que canto puede hacer sonreír y alegrar a la gente. buena suerte

keren bro. Saya suka banget lagu ini pas masih SD. Waktu SMA juga pernah mengcover lagu ini pake musik punk di pentas seni antar pelajar. Kamu oke sekali memainkan dan menyanyikannya. mantap broo

Terima kasih banyak bro @indonesiabersatu keren tu, lagu ambilkan bulan Bu versi punk, sukses terus bro

I love hearing you sing in your language..
The tunes are totally wonderful! And so are the lyrics!
I'm not surprised they are classics! Love them both! 😍

Thank you very much for your visit, I am very glad that you liked my participation, success to you

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