Hive Open Mic #week 105 - I colori dell'universo in 432Hz

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Here my participation to Hive open mic.
all here is it improvvisation in DADGAD tuned guitar and 432Hz with a couloured home made video.

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Yay, it's a real treat to hear from you again. Thank you for being here, bringing your musical gifts. Lovely original song, friend, and you carry it beautifully.

Thanks for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic

It is a pleasure and you rock my friend, you go forward with Openmic, thanks for what you are doing for artists

What a beautifuk melody, I like it a lot, your voice sounds so good and your guitar as well!

Have a great day :)

thanks a lot see above the lyrics

Hello @lorenzopistolesi

Welcome to Hive Open Mic
I really like this song. Is it your composition? What about it is, can you clarify for us who dont speak Italian? Some additional information in your post would be great :)

Thank you for your participation in week 105 with this topic colourful



Oh my God 🤗🤗✨✨what a beautiful song, your voice, the guitar chords! Italian is such a beautiful language! wow my dear Welcome to this great Hive Open Mic community, please we want to see more of you here, you are an inspiration! don't stop!💥

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