Ah, this community of ours is so much fun. Your post here highlights that fun so wonderfully, beginning with the masterful @ylich. Wow! I find myself feeling so inspired by the songs I'm hearing here this week. An abundance of joy, woohoo!!!

Yes, a lot of joy coming from music and participants this week! That is good, if we feel inspired by others and by songs brought through the week, what better could we ask for? 🎶

I totally agree. The energy he sent out was contagious

Thank you for being a part of this family.

Wow, there are lot of talented musicians here on Hive. It’s great to have this community to share our passion in music and connect with each other.

I agree with you in all your statements - lot of talented people on hive, and it is good to have this space, yes. You are a great one too, and I was happy when you started to participate. Thanks for taking part in this event @starstrings01 🎶🎶

Smiles… one of the reasons I started participating was because I saw it as a medium to grow and develop in my guitar skills.

Hopefully, I would try my best to be more active engaging within the community.

I know you are engaging through the platform, no worries, and you are bringing your nice engagement here too! You rock with onboarding people, teaching and inspiring others! It is just to see your smile, everything is easier then :)))

Yeah, thank you very much for your nice words. Those activities keeps me busy but nowadays, I have began to see that I comment very much lesser than I used. I want to create more relationships and get to meet more people than I always know.

We all have phases, and it mainly depends on our time what is left after (and before :D ) hours of work, school, studies, family and all. Also , it depends on general activity here in Hive, and on content. But yes, I resonate with you, I would like to be more active too and still meet many hivers:)) Even if I sometimes spend lot more time writing some comments, then maybe prepare a post hahaha, but it is great, the interaction and what it brings. You never know who is behind an avatar, sometimes there is no real thing you can say or receive, but other times we find so like-minded people and that engagement and interaction becomes the feeling that drives us, right?

Yeah exactly, the engagement and interaction brings the drive. Just like the one we both are doing now 😊

🙃 smile, like-minded musician friend 👈

Thanks for the mention @mipiano
And thanks for letting @ebingo know he did so well on the keyboard too.

He probably thought I was kidding when I said so. Coming from you.. It is stamped.😊

You are welcome dr John, and yes, Ebingo did it well, confirmed here! :)


Lol...My chief thanks for the mention...You are going places best believe...

This your comment got me smiling

You re welcome

I wanna sing again, music is a kind of medicine for me and to all of us.

 2 months ago (edited) 

That would be nice to hear you again, great!! So, this week's topic is Lover... Looking forward to listening to your entry @olivia08 👏👏

Muchas gracias, gran pieano sonoro y melódico.

Jeje, siempre una forma divertida de llamarme :) gracias 😇

Una forma de confianza y cariño, My Piano.

Lo sé y le agradezco mucho @lecumberre

Se fue otra semana inolvidable de Open Mic. Literalmente recuerdo cada una gracias a las temáticas, tantas canciones, participantes y recuentos memorables. Pero bueno... Ya tu sabes el cariño que le tengo a este espacio. Esta es una gran selección, siempre logro ver a muchos que se me pasaron...

Gracias Jesus, tú estas dando tu corazón a este espacio, sin dudas. Acordandote de las temáticas y participariones de cada semana.

Felicidades para los amigos seleccionados. Bien por ellos. Sigan adelante. Muchas bendiciones a todos.

Gracias por sus palabras JosePulido 🎶

Gracias, mil gracias querida @mipiano, es un gusto estar aquí mencionado por ti (me alegra que hayas disfrutado mi video) y además me estoy dando un gran banquete viendo los videos de los otros artistas, que geniales cada uno, de verdad los he disfrutado todos, saludos para ustedes amigos y en especial a los debutantes que lo han hecho muy bien, esta semana también promete grandes presentaciones 🙏❤️🔥🎙️🎸🎶

Que bonito has dicho esto, un gran banquete viendo los videos de otros artistas. Sí, los debutantes han hecho un buen trabajo, y ahora en la nueva semana también 🎶🎶🎶
Ya has visto algunos, jeje, que bien verte activo por todas partes 👏👏

Si he visto ya algunos @mipiano 😃 y geniales, más tarde veré otras entradas, ha habido bastante actividad en Open Mic, muchos artistas se están entusiasmando y participando 🙌

Muchas gracias por la mención. Fue una semana con temas e interpretaciones maravillosas! Me alegró la vida por escuchar algunas de ellas! 🤗

De nada @morenaluna, y gracias a ti por escuchar a los demás con sus participaciones. Dan alegría, de verdad!

Muchas gracias por la mención! Me alegra mucho que haya gustado y sido tenido en cuenta. Grandes talentos en esta comunidad!

De nada, de verdad que tocaste muy Bien la canción que tanto me gusta, Feeling good!

Beautiful performances from all of the participants!

Yes, it was a nice week, as many of the weeks are. Thank you for checking out @me2selah 😇

Felicidades para todos los usuarios que participaron en esta ronda, gracias mi bella @mipiano por traernos esta demostración de artistas. Un abrazo a todos.