Hive Open Mic Week 199 ||Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey ~ A cover song by Oluwadrey (ENG/ESP)

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Hello Everyone in this Beautiful Community and All Music Lovers

I am Oluwadrey, Here is My entry for the week 199 of the Hive Open Mic, with theme: Brazil, I will be presenting a song titled: "Wonderful Wonder" the song by Nathaniel Bassey

Brazil is a very Beautiful Country with Beautiful people, Diverse in Culture, Tribes and Religion.
I love so many things about Brazil, one of the major thing that made me love Brazil is their love for sport, Football game to be precise. Many Footballers who hails from Brazil made my childhood, since am a football lover, I can never forget footballers like Ronaldo (Delima) , Ronaldinho, Pele, kaka, Carlos and Many more. Pele, kaka, Carlos and Many more.
Brazil is also a country blessed with Natural Habitat, Brazil contains most of the Amazon River basin, which has the world's largest river system and the world's most-extensive virgin rainforest. Jesus is the maker of all this beautiful wonders in The world, Brazil inclusive, the people, Everything 🙌
I just taught of the best song that can go with this week Theme: and Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey came to my mind.

Wonderful Wonderful is a worship song the expresses Admiration to the God that made Nature himself. The song is by Nathaniel Bassey, Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian Gospel singer and songwriter.

Wonderful Wonder Lyrics

Hmm hmm uuh uh uh hmm hmm da da
Hmm hmm hey eh eh hmm hmm
Verse 1
Summer winter autumn spring
Mountains blue skies and the seas
Rainbows sunshine and the trees
Jesus maker of them all
Jesus tada
Summer summer winter autumn spring
Mountains blue skies and the seas
Rainbows rainbows sunshine and the trees and the trees
You made them Jesus maker of them all
Everywhere I go I see you right there
In the beauty of nature you shine all around
For you are everything and everything is you
Precious Jesus a wonderful wonder you are
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Get the full lyrics here
Thanks for taking your precious time to watch and comment.
I hope you enjoy and have a great day 😘

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Qué bella canción. Y una excelente interpretación de tu parte con un swing soberbio. You rock!!!! Bendiciones.


What a beautiful song. And an excellent performance on your part with a superb swing. You rock!!!! Blessings.

Thanks so much brother

indeed Brazil is great when it comes to football and their game is a beauty to watch. i feel the passion in this singing bravo man

Big thanks My bods

Brazil is a unique country blessed with talented footballers and Ronaldo is a very good example of such people.. I love your interpretation for this theme with this song. God made us all one🙏🙏

Much Respect My Oga

Let's start from here 😂 what is fearless bottle doing in your hands. 😂 Is that your own mike now. You won't stop amazing me. Weldone.

Oh no😂, I later threw it away
Big thanks boss

My Boss with the killer smile hmm take it easy on us with this your beautiful yet sweet and heavenly voice of yours o. A brilliant entry i must confess. You sabi this music thing boss. i be learner where you dey hehe.

Lol Boss, don't kill me with laugh here,
Thanks so much my Oga
I really appreciate

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Thanks so much @afri-tunes ❤️

Okay so now, you drank fearless drink and you won't allow us hear your music in peace abi 😂

This your kind of fearless Mic 😂

You sang well as always, I love this song. Maybe I should try to sing it too.

She said fearless Mic😂😂😂, I don't know what is wrong me that afternoon lol
I would be anticipating your cover o
Thanks so much for the amazing comment

Wow it's an amazing presentation, your voice dop bro
Thanks 🙏👍

Thanks so much, the Amazing Chidi🙌

Yay! 🤗
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See my man ooo,lolzz ,I truly love this ,God bless you

Amen, thanks so much Boss

Mr Man, I don't understand you again oo what's fearless bottle doing in your hand 😂😂 explain in 300 words.

Am sorry sir 😂, I don't know what I was doing after drinking that fearless again
The bottle just look like Mic in my hand 😂

I always love how you come up with an high vibe and with a smile. It makes the video look bright too. That was a beautiful rendition. 😍

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A very nice one there bro. Your presentation is awesome. Keep it going, higher and higher every day.