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Authored by @Tildy

Hi everyone in the Hive open mic community
Hope you all are doing well?
It's my first of participating in this community.

Am happy and grateful to have the opportunity to be participating this week.
I'm briging you love and greetings all the way from Africa, Nigeria to be precise.

For this weeks Theme "Protection", I will be singing a song composed and written by a Nigerian R&B Artist, Chike which title is 'Running to you'.

Chike is a well known Nigerian artist.
He is known for participating in the Nigerian reality competition Project Fame West Africa and finishing in second place on Season 1 of The Voice Nigeria. His songs are mostly played at weddings because his songs always speaks about love and affection.

I chose this song because of the theme of this week " Protection"
The songs explains how he will be ready to fight for her, be beside her like the wall of Jericho.
And he got her back she doesn't need to got his back as well. And he will be right beside in anything that she does.

I feel the song is perfect for the theme of this week👌

Enjoy the song Lovers❤💕💞💕💞💕💞💕

I love you Hive Open Mic Family😍❤


Anybody wey wan fight you
Make them come
They already know
I'll be right beside you
Like the wall of Jericho
They don't know
They don't know
They don't know what's going on

Muna gi so
Muna gi so, muna gi so, my baby boo
I'll be a soldier for you
I'm getting better in kung-fu
You should know I got you
And you don't need to get me too
I'll be right beside you
In anything that you do
If you ever need saving
I will be running to

Running, running, running to you
I'll be running to you
Running, running, running to you
Anywhere that you go to
Running, running, running to you
I'll be running to you
Running, running, running to you
Anywhere that you go to

Thanks for watching😍💋

You can click on the link below to watch the original of this beautiful song. Trust me guys you won't regret clicking😉😇🤗


Welcome to Hive Open Mic

Nice to meet a new member, @tildy , sweet singing and I have to say, love your hair 😇

Awwn..thank you dear


I am so happy to have visited your post and to know through your singing this music so far from my land. I loved it, what's more, I wanted more. I will be looking forward to what you will bring us next week. Good day!

This song is very interesting song and you did well in covering it. Nice to see Nigerians participating also.

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How cool to hear a Nigerian song. I'm grateful to begin knowing you through the music you share. Thanks for being here and bringing your musical gifts. Welcome to the Hive Open Mic community. Wishing you joy.

Thanks for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic

Thank you🤗