Hive Fest - Part One

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First i want to thank @leofinance and @blocktrades for making my trip and experiencing the Hive Fest for the first time possible. Winning the tickets and accommodation was one of the best things that could happen and it pushed me to make a leap and not miss this great event. Shame that Khal did not make it to the Fest.

hive fest day one (84 of 183) copy.jpg

My trip started at 5AM September 14th going to Belgrade to catch a mini van to Vienna where i had a NightJet train to Amsterdam. Getting to Vienna with 4+ hours till the train didn't looks so bad, but the lack of sleep started to catch up. Seen by 0 photos taken in all that time. (note to my self and everyone else, try to get to the Hive Fest fresh next time :) )

As i had some mixup with my card i ended up booking the train pretty late and did not get to book the sleeping compartments. Sitting for 15 hours in a crowded 6 seating carriage is something that human body is not made for, especially when you pass your thirties :D

But then the first "weird" thing happened. Sitting across to me was a guy talking how he has to finish some kind of a presentation for tomorrow. I kinda ignored that info and tried to get some sleep. He continued to speak about it in German with another guy and the only thing i understood was Blockchain. And i started laughing out loud, how many blockchain events are happening in Amsterdam that weekend? So that is how i met my first Hiver, @manncpt.

What are the chances to book the same compartment?

So after more than 24 hours i managed to get to Amsterdam. And with no internet i managed to get a bit lost, but i would say that this was a nice place to get lost.

hive fest day one (2 of 183) copy.jpg

Getting a short shut eye my roommate @alexvan arrived. We were joking around about @anomadsoul and hotel mix up and how the hotel people were really nice to give us two blankets, so we don't have to share :D

Off to the opening night.

hive fest day one (6 of 183) copy.jpg

I must say i was expecting people to be cool, but actually not knowing anyone i was not sure what to expect. As someone who is not great at meeting new people and starting conversations and someone who is not great at writing about emotions, i will just say that it exceeded my expectations.

hive fest day one (8 of 183) copy.jpg

Roeland would probably be happy if there were 2 of him that weekend.

hive fest day one (84 of 183) copy.jpg

Next day started with waking up at 7AM. The first day event was at the Eye Filmmusem. Place looks amazing, and we even had some sun while getting there.

hive fest day one (10 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (15 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (17 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (21 of 183) copy.jpg

5 people that attended all 5 RL Fests.

hive fest day one (36 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (38 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (39 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (47 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (49 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (52 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (58 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (62 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (64 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (65 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (70 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (72 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (73 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (75 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (69 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (79 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (81 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (82 of 183) copy.jpg

I took 0 photos on the boat ride because i did not even thought about taking the camera out of the bag and i think i seen nothing on the tour through the canals. I blame these 3 ladies for that and it was a pleasure of not seeing anything :D so i borrowed these two photos from @soyrosa HiveFest Blog

After the boat ride Roeland organized a Balls of Steel contest (in our parts known as Boćanje). Someone told me that things tend to get competitive on Hive Fests.

hive fest day one (86 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (91 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (97 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (101 of 183) copy.jpg
hive fest day one (103 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (110 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (126 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (113 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (116 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (117 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (124 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (127 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (132 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (137 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (139 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (146 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (144 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (147 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (135 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (167 of 183) copy.jpg

Things got competitive on Hive Fest. We only lost against PeakD team but because of time constraints did not go further as we lost in a coin toss or something like that :)

hive fest day one (156 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (158 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (160 of 183) copy.jpg
hive fest day one (161 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (162 of 183) copy.jpghive fest day one (163 of 183) copy.jpg

Crim did everything she could to turn the game around for her team in the finals. But PeakD team was victorious.

hive fest day one (169 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (172 of 183) copy.jpg

hive fest day one (182 of 183) copy.jpg

Decided to not tag anyone in the photos. If anyone does not want his photo to be out there feel free to contact me about removing the photo.

If you want to check out more photos from day one, or want to use it for your blogs (or whatever) feel free to check out GDrive folder with more photos, some variations of posted ones and some that did not make this big number of uploads . If you do, crediting would be nice, but i will not sue you, it was from Hive Fest :D


Offering a thank you is important to those who support you in your activities that you develop on this @hive platform. Glad to hear you earned those tickets including accommodation. I would be too happy and thankful for that too.....
The four hours go by fast when you are sleeping (laughs). The bad thing is that there are always unforeseen events that come as a surprise, and I mean the 15 hours sitting and with all due respect, but you must have wiped the stripe off your butt (laughter).
Meeting during the trip @manncpt is like saying "the world if small". Well! being lost is when a person doesn't know where they are and you knew you were in Amsterdam. The good thing is that you, @alexvan and @anomadsoul were well taken care of at the hotel.
There are times when a person under lonely circumstances must learn how to adapt quickly, make themselves known and be nice to everyone. Good are your expectations.
Yes, the @roeland double effect is noticeable. Also, the pictures of the building look great. It's a super structure What a beauty! Both outside and inside.
Even, all the images are great, the internal light did its job but also the photographic system.
When you are walking around and having fun, you don't realize to take pictures and you have to turn to your friends to give them to you. Here in Venezuela that game "Boćanje" is called "Bolas Criollas", there are very important championship games. I noticed all the participants with medals. I already knew about them, because @zirochka mentioned them in her blog: although she already had the medal, she lost the game (laughs). The most important thing is that everyone had fun and had a good and happy time. There are a lot of smiling faces, you can see the fun and entertainment.
From what I have been able to read and see, this has been an unforgettable experience for you and your colleagues. @hivefest is a guarantee of communication, companionship, learning and many more adjectives....
Thank you @bil.prag for sharing that moment of healthy entertainment.

Ofrecer un agradecimiento es importante para quienes te apoyan en tus actividades que desarrollas en esta plataforma de @hive. Me alegra saber que te ganaste esas entradas incluyendo el alojamiento. Yo también me sentiría demasiado contento y agradecido por eso…
Las cuatro horas pasan rápido cuando estas durmiendo (risas). Lo malo es que siempre hay imprevistos que se dan por sorpresa, y me refiero a las 15 horas sentado y con todo respeto, pero se te debió haber borrado la raya del trasero (carcajadas).
Conocer durante el viaje a @manncpt es como decir “el mundo si es pequeño”. ¡Bueno! el hecho de estar perdido es cuando una persona no sabe donde se encuentra y tú sabías que estabas en Amsterdam. Lo bueno es que tú, @alexvan y @anomadsoul fueron bien atendidos en el hotel.
Hay veces que una persona bajo circunstancias de soledad debe aprender cómo adaptarse rápido, darse a conocer y ser agradable con todos. Buenas son tus expectativas.
Sí, es notable el efecto doble de @roeland. Además, las fotografías del edificio están geniales. Es una súper estructura ¡Qué belleza! Tanto por fuera como por dentro.
Inclusive, todas las imágenes están estupendas, la luz interna realizó su trabajo pero también el sistema fotográfico.
Cuando se está paseando y uno se divierte, no se percata de tomar fotografías y tiene que acudir a los amigos para que se las regale. Acá en Venezuela ese juego “Boćanje” se le llama “Bolas Criollas”, existen partidos de campeonatos muy importantes. He notado a todos los participantes con medallas. Ya sabía de ellas, porque @zirochka las mencionó en su blog: aunque ya tenía la medalla, ella perdió el juego (risas). Lo más importantes es que todos se divirtieron y pasaron un buen rato feliz. Hay muchas caras sonrientes, se nota la diversión y el entretenimiento.
Por lo que he podido leer y ver, esto ha sido una experiencia inolvidable para ti y tus compañeros. @hivefest es una garantía de comunicación, compañerismo, aprendizaje y muchos adjetivos más…
Gracias @bil.prag por compartir ese momento de sano entretenimiento.

Yes, even if @anomadsoul was nowhere to be seen it was a good experience to share the bed with @bil.prag

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maybe it was a good thing that @anomadsoul was not there, i am not sure that hotel would be willing to provide a third blanket 😂

I would've just squeezed between you and @alexvan to get cozy, no need for a third blanket lol

but you must have wiped the stripe off your butt (laughter).

i was not sure do i even have a butt after that 😂

yes everyone got a medal as a gift to remember the event, there was a trophy for the winners.

It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

Looks like a great time! Glad the hive community can bring people together like this. 💪

What are the odds! Winning the ticket and meeting hiver on the way!
I only saw you at the end of the whooolleee event. It must be a superpower of yours since you have some of the best candid photos from the event. I love all of them!
So glad I recognized you immediately and at least got to say hi :D

when he said presentation about blockchain i just started laughing out loud. never thought i will be sitting in the same train compartment with someone going to hivefest :) at least it made a 15 hours of sitting a bit more comfortable.

i do have a superpower of people not noticing me, but it is usually with people that know me so they don't even pay attention 😄

one thing i realized i missed is i did not take any photos of you people working hard so everything goes as planed. 😞

Wow!! Congratulations on your win of the ticket to the Hivefest. You sure did have a great time seeing so many people for the first time, it would be a dream come true for me.

All the images are beautiful and they tell so much of how everything went, it's so cool, y'all are making me feel really sad because I couldn't get the privilege to attend but it's fine, there are more to attend in the future, hehe.

lucky for sure, it was great to see all this great people live. They are even better then on the chain :D

One problem is that if you attend one of them it feels that is really hard to not go to all of them :)

You made me smile because of your response, you are absolutely right, I'm very sure they will be a lot fun to be with off chain, hehehe, I'm happy they are.

That's right, the fun and learning will always want to make one not miss the next time, but I think that is not bad at all, as long as I have the resources to attend I will do so with pleasure, after all is once a year and with cases like covid19, it might be postponed for some years.

Thank you so much for your kindness @bil.prag 🤭💙, have a fantastic weekend 🌺.

We really like your photos 😲😍 You captured so many emotions it's unreal. These pictures tell the #hivefest story and you don't even have to read a word. So many happy people with big smiles or laughing their lungs out 😁 If you got any #coldbeetrootsoup pics, we would love to have them 😍

and on the end of the second day i realized i missed the coldbeetrootsoup 😌

But Ruben did a great job with taking photos of the soup people :)

and i realized that i was hanging out a lot with @artakush but always in the smoking zones 😂 not quitting smoking only to meet new people 😂

well maybe i will get an opportunity for more photos on one of the Europe meetups :D

Haha! Man, how could you miss it!? It was great hanging out and we WILL meet again! We will bring CBRS anywhere in the world for the right people! :D Hope you had safe travels!

i have no idea. On the day 2 i think i will blame Crim. She was talking about something interesting :D

Managed to get home yesterday morning :) took a stop for a day in Vienna. It was a smart move dividing the 24 hour trip in two parts :)

Awesome report my friend and just like many already said, with the best photos ;) Thank you for sharing all these special moments and memories with us! I hope I will not miss out on the next Fest, these events are so much fun :)

Thanks. i was not sure what to expect but it was super fun. maybe we will meet at one of the next ones.

I definitely hope so :) Would be fun to have some beer chat in random combos of the languages we speak :D

I can say that we had a cosy experience. Was nice meeting you and a good experience overall. !PIZZA and !BEER for you

The bed was too big at Sunday night 😂

It was a pleasure having you as a roommate, thanks for all the help :)

We were a great team at the Boccia tournament. 😎

That looks like an awesome time and really is fun to see people in real life versus on the blockchain here. Would be great to make it to a Hive Fest one day!

i skipped 2 that were RL. I was close to not go to this one, happy that in the end ended up going.

Maybe next one, who knows.

Yeah my trouble is they are in areas that I can't get to easily. My passport expired sadly but it would be cool to catch one if they have it in Vegas one day! Not sure if I would put my real account handle on my nametag but I do find it awesome to put a face to some of the names on here! One thing we need to remember with so much of this online stuff is that there are real people behind it all. We can't take the human element out of it!

problem with US is that the US government is not really foreigner friendly. For me it would take at least a month to apply and wait for visa, visit to an US Embassy interview, several 100$ and a good possibility of being rejected.

Thank you for joining #hivefest! We had a long meetup from the beginning of the journey... and I am very happy that I got to know you better then any other hivian I met during the event this way. You are always welcome in Vienna just write me if you come along again. 😉

i was actually thinking about following the Austrian/German/Dutch meetups to see if i get the opportunity to travel to one or few of the meetups.

I will be getting to Vienna to visit friends so maybe i should time it with a meetup.

i was actually thinking about following the Austrian/German/Dutch meetups to see if i get the opportunity to travel to one or few of the meetups.

Yeahhh will tag you for the Dutch meet-ups :D

feel free, maybe after few of those tags i decide to travel again. this time i think i will try to fly :D

Yeah, the train was a bit of a crazy adventure haha! :D

i must admit that the trip back in a sleeping train was much easier. i just crashed from 12 to 9 in the morning :D

LOLLL! That’s how those trains were meant to work haha. Sleep and wake up a few countries later :D Glad that was a better experience for you!

You are joining the next #hivemeetupvienna 6.10 at Edison?

you are doing it every first weekend in a month? 6.10 would be to early for another long trip :D

Super sweet shots you have there and it was a pleasure sharing the boatride with you and also same here,...didnt see a single damn thing of the boatride. It was just good vibes and that was the most important.

Curious for day 2!

Thanks. I said it several times that if i was there to visit and explore Amsterdam i would probably not be happy with the weekend 😂 but that was not the point of this trip. so the mission was successful. Chatting and meeting a lot of interesting and nice people.

I managed to get a quick look at day 2, i think my photography went a bit down hill in next few days :D

i think my photography went a bit down hill in next few days :D

Wonder why that was 🤣🤣

God, I do enjoy your post, and especially the photos! I took my camera with me but took 0 photos at all. 😄 Sometimes, when I see the world around me through a viewfinder I miss many other interesting things, and this time I was tired from a long trip and life itself LOL, so decided just to surrender to the flow of events.

The world becomes smaller with every year, and the story from the train is awesome :)

Great job!!

that happens to me a lot, sometimes i photograph a game and catch my self that i don't have an idea what the result is :D i did try to compromise with taking photos and being in the moment. probably one of the reasons i decided to not take it with me on the last night.

After this event i do feel that i have someone to visit in most countries in Europe and some outside of it :D

Not sure about the Europe but can suggest someone in one country outside, for sure ☺

Regarding a compromise, I also tried, but my experience says there is no compromise for amateurs like me 😁

We had no chance to talk but I was glad to see you in flash.

i need to work on my "start randomly talking with people" skills :D


Damn, you got some amazing photos in there. Everyone looks so happy and excited to be there! Congrats on the win! Couldn't have gone to a better person.


yap it was a lot of fun :)

Looks like a great time was had in Amsterdam. Glad you got to attend and always love your photography. Krakow is still one of my favorite trips, so perhaps will try to attend again someday :)

Thanks. yap it was great :D

maybe we will meet on some of the next ones.

Very nice story and photos. Nice meeting you. :)

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Thanks. it was a fun one.

Wow those photos speak for themselves, create ambiance 🤩 not every photographer has such a talent

I am not great at taking compliments :)

what happened with the contest? I think Sunday was not that active with scanning :)

Yes I won, but there has not been any announcement. No prizes not important enough to make a post @hivebuzz? 😆

Super cool Impressions of the Hive Fest, best ones I saw til now. The photos are amazing.
Congrats to your win ;)
Looks like a super cute and cool small event group which had big fun.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaw, maybe when it is in lisboa again, I will come....

i think there were around 100 people there. a nice number to try and chat with as much people as possible, but i still missed a lot of them.


That coool. Small but not too small. 100 is a great number! A lot people to chat with. Aaaaw, it looked amazing from the pics and YouTube vids. Hopefully i am able to join in next time. 🙃😊
Have a beautiful day dear @bil.prag

Great to meet you there and looks like you had a good time. Thanks for all the photos. I didn't take so many, but people have been posting a lot. Hivers are great people.


it was a pleasure. I will have to spend at least a week to catch up with all the posts from the fest :)

Hivers are great people. Everyone was super cool and friendly.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first HiveFest. It's been a pleasure to meet you.

Wow, your pictures are absolutely stunning! They reflect the atmosphere of the event really well, especially those taken at MooieBoules. Kudos!

Do you mind if I reuse some I appear on, with proper credits of course?


It was a pleasure meeting you all.

Feel free to use any of the photos you like. for a better resolution and more photos there is a gdrive link at the end of the post.

Yes, saw it now. Thank you!

These are great images, and echoing what some of the others have said, one of the best sets. I'm gonna snoop on your drive later on!

Thanks. glad you enjoyed it :D

It's really cool you were able to attend and I can see you had great fun there meeting people for real than on the blockchain.

Those pictures are really beautiful with lots of excitement.

it is an interesting experience to put faces to wallets you communicate for years. and everyone was supper cool.

Wow, some great shots you have there, I know we didn't connect but I saw you many times.


yeah i am really not a person to go around and start conversations and i do need to work on that. i was lucky that there were a lot of people ready to make that first step.

Also smoking is bad, but i think it is a place where i met almost half of the people i talked to :D

Also smoking is bad, but i think it is a place where i met almost half of the people i talked to :D

I am not a smoker myself, but this was Amsterdam.., you have to expect it.

It was great to meet you! Oh, I remember your story about your travel. I admired that you were still smiling and making conversations even though you were so tired. Next time we have to speak Slovak more, not just a few words :)

I thought we had a picture together from the first night but I went through all of them and couldn't find it, so I guess it was just my wish :)

You took some amazing shots! Everyone looks so happy! :)

Thanks. Changing through 3 different languages was a weird one :) i sometimes couth my self starting to speak serbian to Alex because we were roommates and after few days my brain thought of course we should speak serbian.

Now that you said it, i do remember something about the photo, maybe someone else took it, or who knows :D

It was hard not to smile with all this nice people.

Absolutely the best photo set I have seen and I also really enjoyed reading the write-up.

Glad you had a wonderful time and bless @soyrosa, I think she managed to get on every photo I've seen from the event but thank goodness, heaven knows we need some glamour after all those beards lol..

Best wishes and have a great weekend :-)

These pics are indeed the best I've seen!

heaven knows we need some glamour after all those beards lol..

I never feel really glamorous seeing myself on pics, but hey, indeed, it's nice to have some contrast with all the beards :D


that is because she is super cool and friendly 😄


Awesome post. I'm so jealous. Wish I was there. Looks like a lot of fun was had though! WTG on winning the tickets too!


it was a great experience. One thing is, now i already want to go to the next one :)

I'm hoping they'll do one in the US soon. I really want to go. Airfare to Amsterdam was a bit much for me though. Who knows maybe next time. Great location for sure, just not in the budget this year.

there were some talks about latin america, so maybe there.

That would be cool too!

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Beautiful picture's, happy face, playing and entertaining time all of everything feels look good.

Everyone's smiling faces are an expression of unique happiness. Also, sincere love to all Hiveians for such a beautiful Hive Fest event.

It's really a pleasure that everyone at Hive can have a good time together through Hive Fest. Through which the Hive can be further enriched and structured to move forward beautifully into the future.

May God keep everyone well and healthy. Have a great day to all

it was my first time meeting hive people live and was not sure what to expect. everyone was super cool and i would do this again tomorrow. Ok maybe not tomorrow, maybe after a week of rest :)

Si que ha sido una travesía llegar hasta allá. Que genial a sido poder apreciar tan grandioso evento. Muy cool todas las fotos tomadas captando los mejores momentos. Gracias por compartirlas, Saludos desde venezuela

i did complicated my life with the decision to travel as i did :D

It was a great event.

Love the pictures!!!!! I could literally taste them. Nice to see lovely faces

thanks :)

Congrats on winning the tickets! I'm sure that contributed on having an even more exciting experience out there! :)

well it did help me in a decision to not miss out on hivefest.

Looks like an awesome time! Must have been fun getting lost and putting faces to handles. I love that everyone looks so chilled and easy. Seems like a great bunch.

these wallets have faces 🤣

never experienced that many cool and friendly strangers 😁

Names to wallets! !LUV it! !LOLZ

Why are ducks good at playing limbo?
Because they can get down.

Credit: reddit
@bil.prag, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @mimismartypants

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What a great time, A thing I would not miss if only it was possible. One day...Thanks for sharing this. I'm happy to be able to see it in your post.

thanks. maybe we will meet at one of the next ones.

Hive fest i wish to be part of this but maybe one day, When you got lost how did you feel before you found your way and when that guy was speaking German how did you manage to communicate with him and I will love to know was it phone that took those pictures of Canon.

getting lost would most of the time not be a problem. only problem was the weather. Getting lost when raining is less fun :D

He was speaking German with another guy from Austria. Most of my communication was in English.

I own a phone with a not so great camera. all of these photos are taken with Canon :)

Then that Canon camera must be very expressive i guess.

most of these photos you could take with a 15 year old DSLR, some probably not because it was too dark. in decent light conditions new cameras just make it a bit easier as you need to not think about so many things (focus is better and easier, or you don't think that much about ISO).

Thanks I can relate

That's a whole lot of pictures, somewhat giving insight to the location and event. We'll done

it was hard to cut the number down for a post :)

I'm gonna join HiveFest someday too, looks very fun!

if you can, you should for sure :)

You are really very lucky to be able to win free tickets to attend HiveFest in person, it was an amazing experience that not everyone have including me had. And while at HiveFest you can meet face to face with great people at Hive, it's really an amazing experience. @bil.prag

it is the one that should be experienced :)

Thanks for the great update from HiveFest!! Really great insights!! ❤️

super dope! hope to catch it next year

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Wow I really love every pictures been taken which shows a lot of fun was experienced.

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Wow! So nice! I enjoyed these photos) So a warm event.



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Balls of Steel - HiveFest⁷ Petanque Tournament Results

Hey @bil.prag it was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for all the great pictures

This deserve a !BEER or even more

Hey @bil.prag, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Awesome photographs, love the shots you took of "Balls of Steel".
And LOL @ your train trip. You don't make that stuff up, its just brilliant xD

Thanks. That is probably where i feel most comfortable, when people are having fun and not paying attention to me :D

what are the chances that from 100+ people we randomly book tickets get to sit one across other :D

I hear you on that one brother.

Haha, yeah, that's just madness. Good stuff!

This is really great and hive fest as indeed bring lot of individuals together, nice one