Broski! It was great, still kind of recovering as my eyes and head is still a little bit mixed up haha. I failed to photograph the NFTshowroom though!

No worries! I was hoping they were going to present at HiveFest but i didn't catch it if they did. I think i was one of the 22 artists with printed NFT art there... but i'm not sure. hahaha NFT Showroom is supposed to post about it soon. We shall see. =) Cheers bro!

WHAT? If you would told me, I would've made time my friend!

I knew you would be busy so i didn't want to add to your stress and social anxiety! hahaha No worries browski! =)

Ahh, it worked out very well! Must be because of @Celestal since he was my tourguide in Amsterdam.

He's always been a cool dude. I bet he makes a great tour guide too!