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Well, Well, Welcome Two ..

Two new Orchids joined our collection recently.. And I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier. This morning I was giving all the Orchids a quick watering, and began wondering if I ever blogged about the two new ones I ordered from Etsy. I took looked back through my posts and could not find any mention of them, so today's the day I introduce them. This was a first time Orchid purchase online, and I was a bit nervous about it. One never knows what they are going to get when buying plants unseen off the internet. The reviews looked good, the price was good, so I thought what the heck. So without FURTHER delay ..

They Arrived!!! ..


Packed into a rather long box .. The package arrived and I came home to find it on my front porch. I began to feel excited about carefully opening it to see what these plants look like. The description the seller gave was rather simple, so there was no telling how big the plants were going to be. They did make it very clear that the purchaser would be getting a non-flowering plant. I'm was quite okay with that.



They were nicely packed for shipping. I could tell some care went into making sure these plants would survive the trip across country. The bare root plants were snuggled into some shredded paper and wrapped in damp moss and cloth, held together by some tinfoil.


I removed all the moss and paper, then gently pulled apart the roots. After I cleaned them all up, I gave them both a soaking before potting them up. Since they were shipped bare root (no media/soil) I would need to get out a few pots and a bag of bark. Luck would have it that I already picked up a few extra pots on my last visit to the hardware store. I was ready for these new Orchids before I even thought about buying them.





Potting them actually goes pretty quick. I placed the plant into the pot, poured in some bark chips, and gave the whole thing a good shake to get the chips to settle. Then I gave it another watering and Done! Two new Orchids potted and added to the collection.


So What Did We End Up Buying ???

Blc. Waianae Leopard 'Ching Hua'


Blc. is short for Brassolaeliocattleya. That's a mouth full, so lets just say Cattleya. This is our third Cattleya Orchid. I just love the look of these plants. The flowers are always amazing, but the over all look of the compact pseudobulbs, with short leaves is appealing to me. I have to say I was rather impressed with the quality and even the size of the plants we received from the Etsy seller.


I don't see any set buds on top of the pseudobulbs, so we may have to wait for another bulb to form before we get any flowers. I can't wait though because these are going to be awesome! Below is an example of what they will look like when they bloom.

Photo Credit

The Second Orchid
Bllra Marfitch 'Howard's Dream'


Bllra is short for Beallara. This is the first Bellara Orchid we are adding to our collection. It's long slender leaves and thin pseudobulbs are quite unique. The plant it rather tall compared to the Cattleya Orchids, but very similar in other ways. Again I was thrilled with the over all size of the plant received and how healthy it appears to be. This Orchid, like the other, was well cared for before it arrived on my front step.


I am interested to see how fast this one grows this summer. There are a few bulbs that look like they may bloom next year. I can't wait because these flowers will be show stoppers when they arrive. Again I grabbed a photo from the sellers site to show you.

Blla Malfarich.jpg
Photo Credit

I Already Had A Spot Waiting For Them ..


Nestled among there other Orchid friends, in the sunniest spot of our home. Full sun is just what this new Cattleya and Beallara Orchid love, and they are going to get plenty of it.. If it ever stops raining here.. uggg. It has been a wet start to spring in this part of the world.


That About Wraps It Up ..

I am sooooo happy with these new Orchids and can not wait to see how they mature. I am going to drop a link here to that Etsy shop in case you like what you see and want to place an order of your own.


Let me know if you do!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!

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 last month  

Good luck with the Orchids, I'm sure they are going to do very well with such loving care!
I also love Orchids, have many that needs repotting, just need more bark, and more pots, as some of the plants have multiplied, so it's looking quite untidy at the moment. They love our humid climate.
Enjoy watching your babies grow @bdmillergallery!

That's right you do live in a very humid climate. Ours is humid during our summer months but during the winters it's quite dry here. I'll get ready soon to move them outside. This year I'm planning on building some sort of orchid house to contain them. I want to make sure I can protect them from the harsh sun and the potential for severe weather. That's always the possibility. Hopefully the summer heat and humidity will help improve their growth habits.

I will enjoy watching them grow regardless!

 last month  

We have mild winters here, so we leave them outside, but spray them with water as it's drier then, not being our rainy season. We've just been so busy with small garden projects my late hubby wanted to do, but we'll soon get stuck in and repot the orchids. I have a wonderful gardener with green fingers who works magic with any plant he touches! I cannot wait to get stuck into that.

Now the wait begins to see the blooms, plants look healthy sure to bring loads of joy to the orchid corner.

Oh yeah. Waiting patiently is the trick. Hopefully patience pays off. I am sure it will. 😁

I'm waiting almost 15 years for one to bloom, I know it is super healthy, flowered years ago, soon hopefully!

Some particular varieties are extremely hard to get to bloom. Not enough light, too much light, not enough water, too much water, fertilizer, yada yada. Could be almost anything. Temperature typically plays a role but again depends on the particular species. Hopefully soon! 15 years is long enough.

It bloomed in a neighbours garden, then moved all that time ago has grown, never flowered I remain hopeful it is the best I can do.

I can see you are an orchid lover and you have a beautiful collection of them in that sunny spot of yours.
I hope you are able to nurture them to maturity when they would bloom so beautifully.

Yes.. I love my Orchids. This is a relatively new hobby for me so I still have a bunch to learn.

What a beautiful orchids. I hope I would bear flowers soon.

Me too! I am sure they will. 😊

No kidding, you can buy plants on Etsy? That is crazy. We just ordered a box for Jovi's ashes tonight off that site. Those flowers look like they are going to be amazing. Almost like a tie dye.

We got a box from the place that did the cremation for us.. nothing fancy but nice enough I guess. What did you get? A nice Oak box? Etsy has just about everything I think.

No, it's actually a pretty cheap box to be honest, but it allows us to customize it a bit. I'll share a picture in one of my posts soon. We have one more item we need to add.

It is a nice feeling to have new orchids at home. I think when I have the time, I'll try branching out too!
Good luck, @bdmillergallery !

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I hope you do. I Remember your fun of them. I enjoy it because it's some thing to do when otherwise I'd be sitting home thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about. Like the passing of our dogs. I need something to occupy my mind.

I'm so in love with theeese! My mother is a big fan of Orchid flowers and with the passage of time she managed to make me love these plants just as much as she does.

I remember recently you telling me your mother was into orchids. They are a ton of fun when they get what they need from us. They can be tricky at times but I'm learning quite a bit about them. That helps! Information always helps. Anyhow this is a relatively new hobby for me. I've only been raising them for a couple of years. I now cannot imagine not having an orchid in the house.

I feel you with that! Especially when there are so many different ones... you want a bit of them all!

Yep. I'm addicted. Lol
I guess there's worse things to be addicted to.

Absolutely! lol

Very beautiful orchids, and I see them increasing to your joy. They have a good caretaker. My regards. 🤗

Haha yes they do! They are definitely improving my mood. That's a good thing. I picked a good hobby.

Very nice new orchids! Hopefully they are happy and produce some beautiful blooms in the not too distant future.

Fingers Crossed - Let's hope so. Otherwise in the trash they go! hehe just messing.

How cool! Two new ones! And from the photos there's the potential of different lovely flowers. It's nice you received quality plants in this transaction.

We will see.. If they flower something different, me and the Orchid guy have a problem. lol. just kidding, but it would be a disappointment.

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