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RIP Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Day of Goodwill is what we refer to Boxing Day of old, meaning of Boxing Day as referred to by @tattoodjay which is what we learned when young.


Celebrated as a public holiday in South Africa name changed in 1994, a sign of severance from colonial past to Day of Goodwill (which I think makes a lot more meaningful).


Day of Goodwill is a time to give back to society, handing out food parcels where needed or clothing showing compassion to others worse off than yourself. It is also a day to relax be outdoors being summer enjoying the beach or rivers after Christmas.


Aspire to inspire before we expire. - Eugene Bell Jr.

One really does not need a day to remind one to be compassion or share goodwill this should be celebrated whenever need arises.


RIP Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu a moral compass in our land departed iconic or ironically today the day of Goodwill he stood vehemently for, known to always see both sides in any form of conflict, warning "Freedom and liberty lose out by default, because good people are not vigilant." we have lost another legend who steered people from wrong to right.


Moving forward we find beauty in remembering those who helped mold our thoughts, inspire mindfulness, sharing of compassion to all who live in the land together.


Celebrating Goodwill looking at a word that means friendly, helpful showing cooperation in feeling and attitude toward all we should celebrate this daily.


Thanks to #BeautifulSunday by @ace108 and #SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a sharing a place to enjoy Sunday at it's best.


All photography is my own using a Canon PowerShot SC730 HS, resized for easier loading, writing is my own.

Thought for Today "Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear." - African Proverb





Aspire to inspire before we expire

That's a deep one got me brooding for a while...

I used to think Boxing day was a day Boxers steps into the ring and give each other a beating until I grew to understand its a day of unwrapping those gifts, funny how these things play in our minds in our younger years.

Boxing day a very old saying no longer fits into life today, many places buy a bucket of food to hand out, not a bucket day surely 😌

Day of Goodwill really makes a lot more sense, many go around distributing parcels early morning to the homeless, then spend the rest of the day enjoying the beach or river parks.

Another lodestone gone.

Will be sorely missed, cornerstones that helped build in so many ways.

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I have just read JJ's post and learned what the Boxing Day is 😊

Another very nice post about an old tradition in several countries, and you have found good words to honour a great man, Joan.

Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER or !WINE

Old traditional holidays many don't have a clue what it is, name change here made it more accurate.

Thatha or Arch as he was referred to here, not forgetting Madiba, very big shoes to fill, people of such good moral standing, foresight, outspoken, will be missed.


Live has changed since we were young and we celebrate Christmas different from then.

He was such a great man and as you say, these are big shoes.

Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER

Old values are disappearing, hopefully some of the youth will remember and reintroduce them once they have families to raise.

Old guard is standing down, hopefully the new have learned something from them.

I think there will always be some who know what's right and who teach the values to their kids.

There's always hope to believe the old guard has done a good job showing them how to be.

Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER

One always holds onto the rich traditions, I am sure many children have this memory and will remember to share to the next generation.

Waiting for better days, hope never dies only time will tell.



Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER

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Beautiful article and photographs :)

Photography all here in the last couple of days reflecting the Christmas cheer. My tree ornaments are birds or butterflies, first flower photo I call my Christmas flower it only ever flowers in this week.

How wonderful

Extremely loved man, a day to always remember exactly what he stood for. Thanks for visiting!

It’s been all over the news about the passing of Desmond Tutu, a voice for justice and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Day of Goodwill sounds much better than Boxing Day. At one time it was a day where folks went out shopping for bargains but now most shops are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Boxing Day is moved to the 2nd day after Christmas.

Great photos, Joan. The little monkey looks so cute.

We have lost a voice of reason, very vocal when not happy with politicians, always fought for justice to all from the pulpit and in meetings with elders.

Young guys drove through village with food parcels yesterday handing out food parcels to poor along beach front very early in the morning, good to learn the youth know and understand the concept. Once you have shared you are free to enjoy the day in any manner of your choosing.

Monkey business is a daily occurrence, all photos from the garden in the last couple of days showing colours of Christmas in nature.

We don't have boxing day to relax because it's not a holiday here so it's good for you you can enjoy the day.

Boxing day was inherited from British Commonwealth countries, still practiced here with change in name that is more relevant. Thanks for visiting and have a great new week.

You're welcome.
You have a good weel too.

One really does not need a day to remind one to be compassion or share goodwill this should be celebrated whenever need arises.

My kind of saying for all these "special days"... thanks for the reminder what boxing day means/is

Brought up with a saying "Waste not, want not", clothing, food excess in any form can be handed to people in need throughout the year, so yes ingrained from young and still live by what my parents taught.


Awesome, me to... kind of. Today i'm often called Mr. Recycle 😁

Good nickname to inherit and be proud of, happy New Years Eve!

Such a shame about Arch, he really was an immense figure and a voice of reason. I didn't know you changed the name Boxing Day to the Day of Goodwill and it seems appropriate we will remember Arch and his goodwill.

People will remember him for goodwill toward all, quick witty sense of humour a passion to steer people on the right path, yes he will be missed. Some banter saying he selected the day to go having been ill for sometime, very befitting!

Name change was well accepted when this transpired it holds more meaning here.

 9 months ago  

What sad news, truly a legend! I've been so busy here with melodramas in our one unit that I'd not even heard!
I lost my brother unexpectedly on boxing day in 2003; it still is a sad day especially for Mom, he was only 42 and it happened just 3 months after Dad's sudden death.
How apt though for Bishop Tutu to leave this world on the day of Goodwill, a wonderful man!

Hope you managed to get the problems fixed.

Losing family like that is never easy, my niece aged 44 passed away 44 days before her dad (my brother) in 2018, double blow like that takes some time to accept. One never forgets.

Arch will be missed with his firm commitment to equality able to voice his opinion at all levels, well loved and respected. Perhaps day of goodwill will become his day when people will be reminded of what he stood firmly for, Goodwill.

Thank you for your topic on goodwill and compassion, 2 very good things that the world always needs and we can always give so freely.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu left a very memorable never to be forgotten lesson for not only South Africa but for the whole world. We in Australia watched from a distance admiring is compassion and 'moral compass. Hope your Christmas seas is going well and is relaxing. Enjoyed your photos as usual.

When starting the content it was about the name change on our holiday, many do not know why it was altered, then on the day learned of the Arch having passed, he has been sickly for sometime.

Befitting the day of Goodwill since it was what he practiced and shared wherever he went, able to adequately express his views to young, old, rich or poor always.

Thanks for visiting and sharing today.

Beautiful post and tribute to Desmond Tutu, @joanstewart. And I agree 100% — we do not (or should not) need a day to remind us to be caring. We should be looking for opportunities to support those around us and those less fortunate always. I hope that in 2022 we will see the popularity of poor attitudes decline!

One needs to remind each other we travel through life together, perhaps it is the eyes of despair on the face of hungry children regularly would be a great reminder.

Desmond Tutu gave hope and guidance to many, including those outside of the religious realms, one totally amazing human many can learn from his attitude.

Thanks for visiting and kind comment, we are hoping 2022 is a better year in more ways than one.

 9 months ago  

Very true.
I see from your blog that you do a lot of interesting photography. Followed you. I was in Pretoria for couple of years during 2013-15 and really enjoyed photography at Kruger and Pilanesberg. Your images reminded me of those golden days. Thank you.

Have not been up to Pilanesberg nor Kruger in a number of years (your visit more recent) both spectacular in wildlife. We go to St Lucia (iSimangaliso Wetlands) and normally visit Hluhluwe and iMfolozi at the same time, all in close proximity. The Drakensberg our other haunt.

So glad you popped over to say hello, there are a good few Hivers who have either lived or visited here, in good company 😃, all these photographs were taken around the garden. Have a great day.

 9 months ago  

@joanstewart I look forward to visiting your neighborhood sometime for photography. Do not know when it will happen but will surely ping you and take guidance if it does. 🙂

I look forward to seeing and learning more about the area you are in, so much to learn and see, so little time!

 9 months ago  

Amazing images. Canon Powershot range is a great camera series but these pics are possible, I imagine only with your skills and keen eye. Kudos.

Love the small pocket size for convenience (safety), the camera works hard for me, actually daily every time I go out the door 😌, thanks for kind comment.

Thank you @joanstewart for your support over the year wishing you and family a very happy new year.

Wishes coming your way for a better 2022, always look forward to seeing the sights you share from where you have been.

Thank you @joanstewart see you next year with some new sights....Cheers my friend 😊