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RE: Day 3 - Desktop Computer still Dead

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Merry Merry, Happy Happy.!!

I have been... WindBlows Microsloth Bloatware Spyware Free since 2012. I have 5 units running Linux. And the phone I am plunking this comment out on has been de-bloat/de-googled. My phone runs e/OS a 100% spyware/tracking free operating system that closely resembles Linux. I Have tried about 10 diff distros (Linux Distributions) I have settled into Kali. It is still a little advanced for this old wanna be hacker geek. Jumping in the cyber deep end is just my way. Distro Watch is a great site for all things Linux.

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My advice is Linux Mint. Great OS and user friendly. Mint is dual booted on my HP Gamer Laptop. I leave it on Mint while it mines away. There is also a Linux program that clones Windows. Looks just like Win7. From the Icons to the status bar. But it is really Linux. So certain windows things do not work. But Linux has workarounds for most anything. It might make you scratch your head at times. Just never give up.

But Linux has so much more than... The Creep Peeps in the Billy Gates (Epstein's Buddys) Control Freak Bloatware Spyware Cult, could ever let you have. So go Linux and enjoy the adventure of truely being in control of your computer.untitled.gif


If my desktop truly does end up being toast I appreciate the point out to Linux Mint. I have seen a few other mention that one.

My current reality is that I can surf, I can watch Movies, I can make spreadsheets, I have my X-box for games (which is pretty old also).

With all the emulators out there, I am sure when I get a new computer, I will be able to use Mint and re-add Games to my desktop gaming.

For now the little Raspberry Pi is doing pretty good. So it may take me several months, but that is fine.