Day 3 - Desktop Computer still Dead

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December 24th, 2021
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Is Microsoft Losing a Customer?

Three days ago, my desktop died. Today I took the needed action of unplugging it from the wall outlet. That is about the sum total of my looking at why it died so far.

With it being the holiday season, I simply have not felt like looking into the cause since I know I would not go looking for replacement parts during the Holidays.

I am not one that does a lot of backing up, have lost a lot of stuff because of that, but nothing earth shattering to lose. I think this is the first time a crashed computer may have given me cause to re-think about back-up, or at least storage of certain files.

I recently backed up my documents folder and several picture folders on to an external device, unfortunately I neglected to back up my spreadsheets. I thought they resided in my documents folder, but they did not.

With out my spreadsheets, my year end report is going to be a bit time consuming and missing items that I had kept track of all year. No real problem just time consuming.

Why may Microsoft lose a customer?

For the last three days I have been using my Raspberry Pi to connect and view Hive Block Chain. I have had no problem other than the mouse click is sometimes slow, and the backspace key can sometime zoom zoom, (move really fast). Those couple issue are nothing for me to be concerned about.

They are really only losing part of my consumerism, I still have my X-Box, and I do want to get one of the new ones.

I really got use to using Windows 7, my lap-top has windows 10 which I find to be a waste of an operating system. It is far to intrusive, and by some of the reports I have read about Windows 11, those of us on limited incomes may want to avoid it until it has been out and thoroughly tested by people. Some of the reports are not that good.

Back to the Raspberry Pi. For just surfing and watching movies on Amazon Prime it works pretty good. Libre Office Suite works very good on it.

Based on my Raspberry Pi current experience I think I will be going for a Linux Operating System computer for a desktop if I find out my Windows Computer really is toast. I have not looked for Linux compatible games for the same reason I never looked for Apple compatible games, I was and sort of still am, a windows user.

I did notice the other day when I was looking through some of the games available on Steam, that some of them had an L next to them, I think to indicate they are Linux compatible.

As a retired person I try to keep un-needed expenses to a minimum without having to go with out things I like or enjoy. Right now last years Raspberry Pi is still keeping me connected, and every day that passes and I am away from the Microsoft environment the less likely I am to return to it.

While many would be unhappy at losing their primary internet and game computer so close to Christmas for me it has been a blessing of sorts. I am beginning to question if I even need a desktop again. I still need to go and download and install the free Gimp picture program or another one, and then re-find the simple screenshot, edit, view pictures program. I will get around to those chores soon since I do like including pictures with a post.

So a phone shot, a first crop on the phone and then emailed to myself:


And there you have it, my current temporary replacement for my desktop sitting on top of my fairly useless lap-top, I just really do not like Windows 10. The computer part is the white little box, as you can see it is just a little bit smaller than my 1 TB external storage rive. The two wires running out the left are the power and monitor. There are four USB ports below where the terabyte drive is plugged in, is a 32 MB thumb drive, it is currently empty, when I get around to rebuilding my spreadsheets they will be saved on it. the other two USB ports are taken up by my keyboard, (full sized not squished or crunched and with a full ten key pad).

A pretty small package, and to think last year it cost me about $150.00 I forget the exact price, but it is now almost fully replacing a $2000.00 computer from 2012.

There are a few more tools I need to find, but like I mentioned, this experience may give me the drive to explore a full blown Linux system very soon.

I hope every one has a very nice Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Some small disasters can prove to be useful.

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How do you know that you have lost those spreadsheets. You might be able to get the files off the hard drive with the right tools.

I do not think it was the hard drive, so the files are still there, and I will eventually get them, I have a 3.5 internal to external USB Cradle somewhere, so pulling the drive and then putting it in a cradle and connecting it to another computer I should hopefully be able to recover the files.

It is likely a video card issue, but it could be the processor, I'll know more when I get around to actually looking at the insides. So far all I have done is unplug it.

Merry Merry, Happy Happy.!!

I have been... WindBlows Microsloth Bloatware Spyware Free since 2012. I have 5 units running Linux. And the phone I am plunking this comment out on has been de-bloat/de-googled. My phone runs e/OS a 100% spyware/tracking free operating system that closely resembles Linux. I Have tried about 10 diff distros (Linux Distributions) I have settled into Kali. It is still a little advanced for this old wanna be hacker geek. Jumping in the cyber deep end is just my way. Distro Watch is a great site for all things Linux.

th (2).jpeg

th (1).jpeg

My advice is Linux Mint. Great OS and user friendly. Mint is dual booted on my HP Gamer Laptop. I leave it on Mint while it mines away. There is also a Linux program that clones Windows. Looks just like Win7. From the Icons to the status bar. But it is really Linux. So certain windows things do not work. But Linux has workarounds for most anything. It might make you scratch your head at times. Just never give up.

But Linux has so much more than... The Creep Peeps in the Billy Gates (Epstein's Buddys) Control Freak Bloatware Spyware Cult, could ever let you have. So go Linux and enjoy the adventure of truely being in control of your computer.untitled.gif

If my desktop truly does end up being toast I appreciate the point out to Linux Mint. I have seen a few other mention that one.

My current reality is that I can surf, I can watch Movies, I can make spreadsheets, I have my X-box for games (which is pretty old also).

With all the emulators out there, I am sure when I get a new computer, I will be able to use Mint and re-add Games to my desktop gaming.

For now the little Raspberry Pi is doing pretty good. So it may take me several months, but that is fine.

It’s maddening when a computer lets you down. I lost files on one computer when it died and took it to a shop but they couldn’t fix it or retrieve my files.

My husband uses the desktop with Windows 10 and I don’t like using it. He doesn’t do much on it. I tried to discourage him from getting a desktop as it takes up so much space. I use the iPad for everything. with the keyboard you can attach, it is like a small desktop.

I do like my desktop, I like to play games, and laptops are to small and to slow. But I have my x-box for some games, The phones and small screens are just to hard for me to read and see. One thing though, I do not think I will become a windows 11 user. I really don't like windows 10, so I am glad I had his little Raspberry Pi, it is a learning experience, and it is teaching me I really do not need a big company to compute.

The techie in me wants to figure out what's wrong with your desktop, but it sounds like you are relatively at peace with its untimely demise. I prefer Linux, but use Microsoft. I often ask myself why.

I have a laptop with windows 10 on it. I could use it, but I just use it to off load my pictures from my camera and do some basic editing. Other than that I don't like it at all. The little 1 TB drive would have the pictures loaded on it and then plugged into my desktop to upload.

I just have just not felt like checking out the problem yet, I will get there, but yeah pretty much at peace with the situation for now.

One day, he will make noise and delight you with the sound of the desktop screensaver). Merry Christmas!

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