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A cordial greeting to the community "Silver Bloggers", which brings for today, an interesting topic ". "That childhood memory that lives with you", which opens the compass to scrutinize so many experiences of my existence.

Remembering a particular anecdote that left me for a while, a little sad. My story begins by talking a little about my small family, being the eldest and the only girl, of two brothers. Being the eldest, I played very little with my brothers, I excelled in sports, especially I loved racing competitions.

But for me, music was my main desire, which I studied with discipline and dedication.It was a nice childhood, with parents always looking after us. It was because of this, that one day I told my parents that I wanted to have a pet, because all my classmates had one.



So my parents asked me what pet I would like to have, my family expected me to choose maybe a puppy or a kitten, but what I chose was two chicks.
This amazed my parents, telling me well this girl wants two chickens, because maybe she will decide to eat them someday. Of course, this was not my intention, so I let them know.

Until one day, my parents showed up with two tender chicks, very small, yellow and cute. I looked for a little box for them and put them in two flannels, taken from my father, to keep them warm and prevent them from feeling cold. This cost me a scolding from my father. But of course, I learned the lesson of "No" taking objects without asking permission, which made me learn my lesson.

Every little girl at the age of 8 years old, when she sees a little animal, she gets close to it and sees it beautiful, that was what happened to me, my chicks were my tender pets. They grew little by little, domesticated and trained in such a way that every time I came to my house, they welcomed me, they were unique in their special behavior. Why I say this, because they made sounds that were indescribable to understand and to produce, but I understood them, I was so used to them, that I guessed each of their behaviors, even more when they pronounced their names, it was something "Phenomenal", they came to my call.

For example, one of them, being a female, I called her "Pepita", the other one, being a male, I called him "Pepón, but Pepón was the one who was the most fierce, mischievous and always wanted to stand out in everything. This always kept me on my toes, because Pepón would not let anyone get close to me and his defense was to peck at that person.

This sometimes generated unsettling difficulties in my family, so I had to scold them and sometimes lock them up. This is how each one of my beloved pets grew up, between scoldings, fights and games with my "Pets.



But not everything was bad, we played hide and seek with them, my father, who dominated Pepón the most, would grab him, telling him close to his ear, look for "Yoví", since that was my nickname, since I was a child, I used to hide and my father would let him go, so he could find me. My house had at that time, 3 patios or plots in other places they call it gardens, extensive, full of fruit trees, beautiful flowers and bush in general.

Pepón would come out like a madman, sent on a mission, with dizzying speed to look for me, and indeed, I would hide in a water tank, which my father sometimes filled with water and at other times emptied it to wash it. I would hide in a water tank, which my father sometimes filled with water and at other times emptied to wash it, and then Pepón would arrive with great confidence, flapping his strong wings in victory, because he had really found me.

So we spent the time between games and scoldings with Pepón, the most grumpy and furry. My other pet was characterized by not being very important, if a little jealous, because our attention was always with Pepón the pelion, but this had to be so, because Pepón did not respect, he was an adolescent chicken, rebellious and wanted to command, that's why we paid more attention to him.


One day I invited my high school classmates to my house, so we could spend a different day, we were finishing the school year at the high school, so I asked my parents for permission to have that meeting. I had only invited my best friends of the whole year, we were 5 inseparable friends, so I asked my mother all the support to make an exquisite lunch.

I always made sure that our evening was not interrupted by our faithful pets, so I asked my father, who was the one who dominated them, to try to lock them up in the last patio of the gardens. We shared anecdotes of school life at the high school, I told them about my stories with Pepita and Pepón, there was even laughter because of those stories of my pets, in short, our evening was great.

My mother very kindly called us to go to the dining room, where everything was already served, every dish was sensational. My mother was always very attentive and prepared succulent and exquisite dishes. Everything developed successfully, the lunch, very lively and exquisite dishes, as my mother and I expected. We were very attentive to my companions, who felt at ease and very pleased with the invitation.

The farewell came, everyone left, but not without first arranging another space to invite my parents another time, for such a pleasant evening received from them. I asked my parents about my "pets", but they evaded the answer, I did not notice anything wrong, I said to myself, maybe my parents are super tired. Since it was late at night, and the evening had been long, I felt tired. To all these questions I thought to myself, I imagine that Pepita and Pepón must be already tired and asleep, maybe I will do the same.

Indeed, I fell asleep and fell asleep immediately. I woke up early, my mother was already preparing the usual breakfast, I asked her about my "Pets", but my mother, a little dismayed, could not evade me this time, she answered me like this: Daughter I have something to tell you, take it easy and understand what I am going to tell you, at that moment my father arrives and joins my mother's conversation, supporting her. My mom continues, saying that yesterday was a difficult day for her dad, at work, so he could not arrive on time and I had to anticipate to prepare lunch, because I chose to sacrifice Pepita and Pepón, to make that exquisite meal.

Let me tell you, I had no words, nothing to say, at that moment I was speechless, I ran to my room, I cried and cried a lot, my father came to my room, giving me a lot of support, telling me that they were already in their time to be used, that I could not cling to them like that, that I should understand. With his words, I remembered many moments lived, of my anecdotes with my chicks.

It took days and days to assimilate this, but I began to understand it, I apologized to my parents, because it was also hard for them to do this, but they made me see that life has a "Cycle", and that it does not stop, it must continue.

So it was and I continued my life, but from that date until now, I have not had more "Pets", if I tell you that my children had a puppy dog, called "Hachi", very obedient, playful and unrestrained, when he saw a ball, he became crazy, he liked that game too much, he was with us until 7 years of existence, but one day, he had a heart attack. this was sad for my children, so we already have two years without "pets".

I say goodbye with my usual Reflection from @latinllanes "Childhood keeps secret treasures of great reason, that only Romeo has the key, to open that heart.

Translator: @Deepl

The photos were taken with my Motorola E4


Oh wow. My heart at the end of the story. I was hoping it would not have ended that way after the hide and seek part. That really was a cute and lovely thing to imagine for me. I can see why this memory would stick with you.

 3 months ago  

It was a very nice story with my pets, they were my friends and I loved them as if they were part of my family.That's why I have never wanted to get attached to another pet. I always remember them as part of my life, I want to tell you that this made me not crave for chicken.Greetings and thank you for liking my story.♥️

Oh my goodness! This reminds me of an awful event of my childhood that I had forgotten about, which I won't tell now.

I've lost so very many pets, and each of them still lives in my heart.

This was a very moving memory for you to share with us. Thank you.

 3 months ago  

Thank you for the support you give me with my story and receive my esteem and greetings.

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 3 months ago  

This is an interesting story. Your pets are very unique.

 3 months ago  

Grateful that you find my story interesting and that I will carry it forever in my heart, a cordial greeting to you.

 3 months ago  

You are welcome. I took part in the contest too. Do check it out.

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Oh my goodness @latinllanes, that was a sad story.. reading yours remind me to my lil brother's pets too.. chickens for sure, when mom ask him to catch the chicken and then my father proceed everything under his eyes, he couldn't eat anything until today. So no chicken for him on the table and he never try to raise chicks as pets anymore. Funny thing is any type of animals love to get close to him..