Never have a day off ever again?

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The questions posed by @ericvancewalton for this week’s Memoir Monday:
In your opinion, when is the right time to retire?...

drew an immediate response from me:


Big sigh...that's just a hay dream, because once health challenges creep in, I would have to say,

The time has come to close shop.

This thing called Life can be wonderful, filled with challenges, and solutions, which I still want to be a part of.

I was one of the 1953 babies who reached my sell-by-date in 2016, not impressed!

I was one of those who were forced to retire at the end of our 63rd birthday months. Our 'pension fund' tried to prepare a fairly large group of us for the day called retirement, and we had a questions and answers session. It was a pension fund, not a provident fund, so a fixed income with annual increases and a 13th cheque is assured. We get a 14th cheque, mostly mid-year, but sometimes earlier. I wondered how they managed to do this, but had an inkling so asked a question that sounded gloomy, but really was part of a fact-finding mission:

What happens to the money I've paid over the years if my husband and I were killed in an accident the day after I retire?

The money goes back into the fund, not into your estate unless your children are still dependent on you.

Aha, that's where the 14th cheques come from, members who die at a young age!

I was shocked and decided to take a bigger lump sum and go for a smaller monthly pension, and chose to put that money to good use! Hubby was getting a very good monthly pension, which now is paid to me following his passing.

I was not impressed with having to retire as I was happy in my job. I however had a jolly farewell party, with all of my favourite work colleagues from other departments joining in.

The words from my special buddies touched my heart, and confirmed that I had made the right decision in not retiring yet. Hubby and I could still play a role in making a positive impact on the lives of many of the guests who booked into our Airbnb Lily's Cottage which was born some six months before I retired. I ended up having two jobs during that period, as it took up quite a bit of time setting it up, but has been so worth it.

retirement collage.jpg

This second career 'post-retirement' has been the best decision ever as both my late hubby and I had/have a natural rapport with people.

To answer Eric's question, I feel we should continue working, as long as it's something you enjoy, while still healthy, as I do believe it gives one a sense of belonging to the real world.

It just doesn't make sense to enforce retirement because one has reached a certain age. In fact, older employees are way more valuable than the younger brigade. They not only have the experience and knowledge but also don't have the interruptions that come with having a young family.

One of my old bosses is a land surveyor who at the grand old age of 96, still does some of the calculations for his family practice. A real legend!

I've found the ideal solution in not having to retire early by running my own little BnB. I can take time off for jaunts in the countryside, or breakaways, as and when I want. My 'weekend' may be in the middle of the week, my pension is supplemented with the BnB income, I meet wonderful people, and am able to maintain and improve our large property.

I'm blessed beyond words, it really is the best of both worlds.

One of my work colleagues wrote -

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off!

So tell me, is that what you really want?

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 last month  

It really sounds like you found your niche with the Airbnb! I just love how gracefully you made that huge transition. I think it would be fun to host once we settle somewhere else other than the Siberia of America. Lol. Thanks so much for sharing again this week!

 last month  

Yes, I definitely found my niche, and Arthur also loved doing this. I'm not looking forward to the day when I cannot continue and have to retire in the real sense, but I will have to learn to adjust.
My cousin and her two daughters all run their own Airbnb in New Zealand and love it.
I'm sure if you and your wife ever decide to open up your own Airbnb somewhere not in the 'Siberia of America', you will love it!
Thank you for the awesome topics, I saw a notification that the next one is up, I must pop over and check what that is!

Living off pension incomes, saving BnB income for a rainy day the impact would be more rewarding knowing it is in a safe investment. Could be used for those incredible times when able to go away having more spending money.

No such word exists in my vocab as a pension, that is where people sit waiting for the end.

 last month  

It is so sad to see some people change as if they're just waiting for the end as you say!

Others enjoy their new-found 'freedom' and start holidaying, way too often, so that pot of gold starts shrinking very soon.

We're all so different though.

I just feel very blessed to have this little business with many regular guests. It's been a lifesaver since losing Arthur.

A real summer day here, the weather is so weird!

Have a great weekend further Joan!

Braai time weather, warm days and cooler evening under the stars tonight with an almost full moon, makes ones heart jump for joy! Was outside a minute ago watching the swirling whispers of cloud above should be a great sunset.

In horror I watch some folk who simply cannot find anything to entertain themselves or keep busy, a hobby, gardening, simply enjoying, as I always say. Why work 9 to 5 for most of your life, then suddenly stop, keeping active is imperative....

Enjoy your evening and keep actively busy for as long as we able.

Hi Mam, I do agree with your concept never retire if you are healthy. And true to your words once you retire you never get a day off. Sounds good you are busy with the bnb at the country side. Not all get a chance like this after retirement. Good luck and wishes to you.

 last month  

Hi @shamis, yes I am so glad I listened to my son who suggested it, and truly fortunate to have this wonderful job post-retirement!
Thank you for your good wishes. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Happy Weekend 💐

I think your take on being pushed out, sort of speak. is for the birds. I couldn't agree with you more on what #silverbloggers can bring to the workforce. It sounds like you really enjoyed your job.
For that period when you were working two jobs, the cottage and your other line of work, that had to be a plate full.
I'm happy to see you still enjoying life while still running the cottage. Staying busy and interacting with others will keep you sharp and young. Just don't forget to smell the roses when time allows, my friend.

 last month  

I enjoyed my job and my work buddies, but this job surpasses that by far!
Fortunately, Arthur was already into 'retirement', the cottage was furnished, and our initial investment was small in comparison to setting up any other business. He applied for special consent from our municipality to run a business from home and register with tourism organizations. We slowly improved facilities as bookings came in.
The beauty of doing this is that after all the marketing and thanks to guests, we have a good Google presence, as well as online booking sites, so the cottage is now running itself, with the help of excellent staff. This gives me the ability to take many breaks, something I would not be able to do as often if I were only receiving a monthly pension.
But, I will remember your words, my friend, there have been times when I've done way too much, perhaps an escape from the loss.

It sounds like you have everything running at top peak. There is nothing like good help, people you can rely on to perform their duties and are trustworthy, that's half of the battle.
Staying busy leaves less time to think about losing your partner, the love of your life.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

What beautiful memories of so many years together. They made a very nice couple. When retirement is announced, even if it is ours, it is traumatic, we feel disoriented thinking about what awaits us and what we will do with so much free time. But nothing, everything happens for the best. We have more time for ourselves, look at us. And we don't have enough time today either. Nice post. Regards. 🥰❤️

 last month  

...we feel disoriented thinking about what awaits us and what we will do with so much free time

That was my thoughts before I started planning the BnB, my late hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed working together in this business.

Enjoy your weekend @mamani x

never retire if youre still healthy🥹