Wicked Whirlwind Weekend

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What does it take to turn a pair of old silvers' sedate lifestyle upside down and inside out?
The 'kids' of course!

Busy buzzy BnB

We celebrated Woman's Day here in SA yesterday, so many took the opportunity to have a looong weekend by taking leave on Monday.
Anyone who's been involved in the hospitality industry knows what that means - a busy buzzy BnB!

However, the guests were super, and a sweet story emerged; a widower on the younger side of silver, drove all of 900 kilometres to finally meet a virtual lady friend in person. As he said, long-distance relationships are not easy, and if something develops, someone will have to be uprooted if they want to take the friendship to another level.
Both parties were very cautious, but he will be back, by air next time, as you can imagine it's no fun taking a long road trip by yourself!
This guest was considerate and super duper neat, making my job really easy.

Our other young guest has been here for almost three weeks and has become like family; a really nice, easy-going young man who's enjoying the home cooking, as did the 'kids' who also kept our guest entertained.

Food, food and more food

Needless to say, Mom, (that is my name), was kept busy in the kitchen.


The reason the kids came for the weekend was a sad one, as the girlfriend lost her Mom, but as she had been suffering for a very long time, it was a release.


After all the sadness, the kids took us to one of our favourite spots on Women's Day, and I was like a naughty child by ordering an over-the-top luscious wicked Salted Caramel Milkshake.
No cappuccino for me this time!



Did I enjoy it? Yes, very, but I could only eat half a Croissant served with cream cheese and smoked Salmon; I had the rest for breakfast the following day.

Was it good for me - no!

Was it worth it - yes!

Poison for someone with reflux, but it was goood and there are many remedies to counter-act the acidity ;)


Everyone else behaved, no decadent milkshakes for them.

A very good pizza with the thinnest crispiest base, a homemade burger with crispy onion rings and the best chips, hubby ordered a jacket potato filled with bacon and other deliciousness!



A Chip on her Shoulder

Afterward, we stopped by my brother and his wife whose shoulder was badly injured in a fall, and now has a 'chip on her shoulder' as she calls it; a bone graft, a steel plate, screws, and a funny spider-like thing. She still is in a lot of pain but has not lost her sense of humour.

I won't show you the carrot cake gateau that we took for afternoon tea - another indulgence!

They have a lovely home away from the city, and all the plants are hardy and mostly indigenous. Here is the Spekboom, known as the best carbon sequestrators in the world.


Foxtail Agave and other plants that need very little care grow happily here and are fuss-free.



These geese sit and wait on the rooftops every afternoon waiting for a silver man on the estate who feeds them.


By the time we left, the sun was setting, turning the horizon into the most glorious colours; saying time to slow down, and time to rest!

sunset hillcrest.jpg

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Hi, Lizzie. I hope that despite the hectic days and the sad circumstances, you had a great time with the 'kids'. A decadent milkshake is a needed indulgence once in a while and nothing that a few antacid tablets can't fix, hehe.
All the food looks exquisite and I'm already hungry again 😂🤗

 last month  

Hi Eli, it was a hectic but lovely time with the 'kids' despite the sad circumstances.
Shoo, that milkshake was luscious, but first and last time for me as it was beyond rich & creamy!

I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with your 'kids', Lizzie. And I hope you are better about vertigo and have been able to rest.

 last month  

Sweet baby Jesus, Lizelle!! @lizelle A more decadent milkshake I have never seen!!

A belated Happy Women's Day to you! I cannot believe I forgot it yesterday, I thought about it week ago. So nice to have the kids flying by, even with the sadness, sometimes good company is the best. I'm sure your warmth made her feel better. So many of you silver sweethearts have the warmest ways, embracing my own heart. ❤️

The food is undeniably yummy looking!! I'm so jelly!

Your sister-in-law is amazing! Bless her heart! Good luck to the long distancers!!

 last month  

Hi Denise, great to see you, sweet lady!
Well as for that decadent milkshake, first time ever - I did not know whether to eat or drink it & if I was a child, that glass would have been licked clean of salted caramel & white choc dust! I don't think I'll order that for a very long time as it was way too rich!🥰

 last month  

Sometimes I try to get the people to make a smaller version of it, although my brain tells me that I could handle the big one. NOT. I wanted to say a spoon might have been good, but, soon realized that you would need a straw.

It is thankfully Friday and the weekend is upon us. I hope you have a most peaceful night. xo

You live in a magical land minus the troubles. It's so beautiful just like that darn caramel dream oozing with pure glory.😋

 last month  

We do live in a magical part of the world & rather focus on that!
That darn shake wàs really good but way too rich for my system. I had been eyeing it on previous visits so finally sucvimbed to temptation!

That is quite the amazing milkshake ! Looks like you needed a spoon AND a straw.

Life needs something awful once in a while.... and by awful, I mean awfully good !

Sounds like you had a great time.

 last month  

You are so very right @jacey.boldart, awfully nice is just what I needed after all the ups and downs this year!
It was lovely spending time with the 'kids'😉

That milkshake looks absolutely bananas! You are right to call it "over the top" but it must have been really good!

 last month  

It was really decadent but I sure suffered the consequences @zakludick!

A bit of indulgence after hard work never did anyone any harm!

 last month  

Oh my word Fiona, that was way too indulgent, my digestive system did not handle that too well!

Oh well....

What a delicious, genuine and well loved weekend.

You only live once. Eat the salted caramel milkshake!! ❤️

 last month  

It was drinkable, edible and lickable! All that salted caramel running down the sides was yum😋


And that photo though 👀

When I'm mobile again I'm coming to have one

 last month (edited) 

Oh lordy lord @lizelle what a whopper of a milkshake! Did you manage to see the bottom of the jar? But, you know why not be spoilt and anyway we often only look and don't try it which means we never know.
Being treated by the kids is special as is spending quality time with them. You have a very busy life so some happy relaxing downtime must be so welcoming.

ps: your post is too much full of fun not to reblog. I am sure other bloggers will laugh out loud too.🦄