Adventures in babysitting ...

Hey y'all, I hope this finds you all well

Pictures are good but videos are better lol (sometimes)
I'm not a professional just a Mimi who loves recording little moments.

And it's not always going to be about Micah lol although he's going to be the biggest part due to how much time we spend together.

I recieved a text from Hunter's mom this morning with this picture.

excited on his first day back to school

He's super excited to see his old classmates and make new friends! I personally have opinions about school but I'll keep them to myself.. Maybe... (Wished he was home schooled or rather "unschooled") oops🤭🤣 but anyways.. I hope he has an amazing day! AND I'm happy he's happy❤️

Far as few other adventures.. Micah is getting brave. Usually, he doesn't like being far from me and usually always within sight. He can be across the yard and hear a noise and if I'm not close enough he's running to me.

Well this is changing... He went to the curve other day pushing his truck. He stopped as soon as he couldn't see me (I was watching him). He waited to see if I was coming. I hollered for him to come back.. And he did.


I took this as a sign to go walk so we traded the truck for the stroller and off we went. All 3 dogs and the cat.


We walked down to the oilfield location. Here, he's showing off his abilities to pop & walk a wheelie!🥰


And of course, every walk we have to stop and spin some wheels🤣


And pick up rocks... 🥰


Did I mention Micah is fascinated by wheels? When we dump the rocks in the potholes is a perfect chance to spin them again! 😁


Well that's about it for today. Hope you enjoyed i KNOW I have🥰❤️


It seems you had a lot of fun together, hehe And Hunter looks happy to go to school ;)


My father wants me to study law and be a good lawyer
He needs me to get him out of jail.

Credit: vaipraonde
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I called this evening, yes Hunter had a great day. He's ready to go back tomorrow🥰

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Looks like a great engineer in the making. Thanks for sharing.

💙 maybe so. He's good with angles too. It's fascinating watching him... And hilarious.