Tales and Photos from the North Idaho State Fair 2022 - Part One

When I was a child, the only fair we attended was the little county fair ten miles away. My mother and sisters and I entered sewing, baking, canning, and crafts. I was in 4-H for a short time, and remember earning a nice ribbon for a gladiola. I also remember showing a sheep once. My sister showed sheep and goats.

My own children began entering things in the local fair about 25 years ago, so I resumed participation as well. After they grew up and left home, I lost interest in the fair. Now I get to see it all over again through the eyes of my grandchildren, so it's interesting once more.

Six years ago, the North Idaho Fair and Rodeo became the North Idaho State Fair. I don't know why the name change was made, but the fair lasts ten days now, instead of five.

This year I ended up going to the fair twice! The first time I went with my daughter and one-year-old granddaughter. The baby was very well-behaved and seemed fascinated by everything we showed her. The second time I went with two friends from my neighborhood. We spent more time looking at exhibits.

I took oodles of pictures, but have narrowed them down to about thirty that I'd like to share with you, likely split into two posts. First up will be pictures of the steam engines and old tractors. My daughter wanted to go see them because they remind her (and me) of my father. He loved steam engines. He died in 2008, but when he was still living, I would call him from the fairgrounds and hold the cell phone near some of the machinery. He could usually identify it just by hearing the sound of the engine.




My dad was also fond of John Deere tractors. In his later years, he acquired a Model A and Model B, and some of his happiest hours were spent tinkering on them and using them on his hobby farm.


As usual, beautiful flowers were blooming all over the fairgrounds in all kinds of containers, many of them farm-related.



My daughter introduced my granddaughter to the Zebu in the Petting Zoo.


She got to pet many other critters, including this calf.


I love to admire the beautiful quilts. I have only made one small quilt in my lifetime, just three years ago, so now I have a better idea of how much work goes into something like this.


The detail in this particular quilt is amazing! Lots of embroidery involved.


A few more quilt photos follow. Other sewing and needlework projects were tastefully displayed amongst the quilts.



The next one was hand quilted.I can't imagine how many hours went into the construction of this heirloom masterpiece.


This amazing piece of woodworking won a grand champion award.


That's enough photos for one post! To be continued....

All photos taken on my Android phone.


I have never learned to sew, but I would have loved to. And those quilts they had on display at the fair were so beautiful.

Some of them were incredibly elaborate, and the colors were wonderful.

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That looks like quite a nice fair! Was is always so lovely? The country fairs in these parts did not used to be this nice. I missed them this summer though. I'll have to make a point of going next year. Those quilts!!!! Wow!

We've been going to this fair for about 23 years, and I'd say it has always been very nice.

I love the colors in these photos! And pretty impressive that your father could identify the machinery by sound. My grandfather had a similar talent; he could often tell what was wrong with an piece of farm equipment by listening to it.

That's quite skill, too!

That's really an amazing Woodworking. I am imagining the amount of hour put in designing it

Everything beautiful. My heart is full!