Procastination has always been Murder of all Plans

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Have you ever been in a scenario whereby you actually wanted to do something and it turns out that you were not able to achieve whatever you want to do probably because you were still thinking there is still the time to do so and at the end of the day it turns out that you didn't later do it after probably time runs out

At times we have a lot of plans and goals financially to achieve and it turns out that at the end of the day, we were not able to achieve it. Well it might be due to a lot of causes that we didn't later pay attention to. A lot of causes of plans which include inconsistency. Inconsistency is one of the vital causes that has prevented a lot of goals been achieved.

There are some goals which we didn't immediately see the result of the effort we are putting in making those plans achievement but if we are consistent at the end of the day, it will later pays. But many of us are not always consistent to it. We easily give up forgetting that if we want to attain greatness in life, we must be consistent in pushing forward no matter what it may be

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