Park gangs

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crows park 1.jpg

First comes The Crows:
They mean business and they do not appreciate to be disturbed. They pick the best and biggest bits of food and will not share.

Our of respect (or fear) the rest will wait.

crows park 3.jpg

Then we have The Gulls:
They are fast and furious and attack in gangs. Sure they will wait for Crows to finish, but they will be the first ones to pick up whatever is left. And they leave nothing behind!

crows park 2.jpg

ducks park 4.jpg

Lastly The Ducks:
Cheerful little guys. They will always stay around, watch, mock and laugh. But they will keep their distance from all the drama and food fights. They know they will always get something, so they do not worry.
Happy life.

ducks park 1.jpg

ducks park 2.jpg

ducks park 5.jpg

They will stay in groups and hang out on the shore with their kind too.
I was shooting those from a small bridge in the park. They knew I have no food so there was zero interest from their side.
Fair enough...

ducks park 6.jpg

ducks park 7.jpg

On a side note: remember not to feed ducks or swans with bread. I bet most of us did that at some point, and sure they will eat it. But it is not good for them.

dog park 1.jpg

And here is a little bonus :)
As I was watching the crows there was thig cute dog sniffing around. The ducks didn't care... they were in the water and the dog wasn't going into the freezing cold pond. The land birds did get scared though fling up and sitting down few meres away only to come back to the same spot as soon as the dog move away a bit.

dog park 2.jpg

dog park 3.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Tamron 70-300mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

separator flowers.jpg


Very beautiful photos!

@ewkaw Wow - I had never realized that there was such a 'pecking order' and park gangs. Fantastic pics and great observation.
I think when we explain logically our thoughts about the pics, it becomes very interesting. I am trying to follow your example and always share by thoughts along with details of pics

singature small avatar.png

The crow looks so superior to the others. It looks free to peck while the others just stare warily. :D

Seagulls really "work together". We do not have them, but there are crows, pigeons and ducks. Crows are not afraid of anything, and pigeons are just arrogant. But ducks are the favorites of the city, they are funny and bring joy to people. Nice photos, the dog fits perfectly into this place 😃:)

Beautiful mallards! Nasty crows and seagulls. LOL. Are usually take either cracked corn or peas down and feed the ducks. They love them and the crows and seagulls leave it alone. I don’t like peas or crack corn so much. Cute story and cute dog at the end. Bread isn’t good for dogs either that’s for sure.

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Crow stronger than bulls because he alone😁