The Glorious American Goldfinch

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We've had some wonderful Goldfinches hanging about the feeder. It took me awhile to catch them on camera, but I finally got some decent shots. Take a look at these full-size on big screen for best viewing.

Here's the colorful male. These guys are bright! I just love seeing them out and about.

Here's the male and female together. The females are also a pretty color, just not quite as bright, more of a pleasing pastel color.




Here is mama, probably my second favorite shot of the bunch after the top pic.






The good news is there were like at least 4 young ones out there last week as well, so I'm guessing a nest somewhere not too far away.

Taken with Sony A7RIV 100-400 Lens.
All photos original work copyright 2022 by the author of this post.


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Hi @ksteem
You really prepare everything well and are just biding your time to aim for them. Turns out they are very beautiful, the yellow is so cool.

May they stay awake in the wild and all our children and grandchildren can see their beauty too.
Have a nice day

Thank you @justbabybee Keep buzzing up!

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He's a looker!!! You really scored on him! I love their showy color. The smallest guys eat all of the sunflower seeds. :)

His lovely lady is beautiful, in that soft, sweet sort of way. I am glad the females aren't so vivid, the low-key color helps keep them safe and out of the limelight, just as nature intended.

Great shots!! You really are making the most of your skills!

Thanks! Yes these little ones are frequent visitors for sure multiple times throughout the day if not the hour.

You got some beautiful photos of the Goldfinches @ksteem!! I've seen them at a local park nearby but none at my birdfeeders yet. Seeing them here in your post is just as nice though! 😊💖

Thanks for the comment. They are probably my favorite visitors so far.

There is something special about birds that has captivated humans for centuries. Their beauty, grace, and imposing stature all make them stand out among other animals. But there is more to birds than just their physical appearance. Birds are also incredibly intelligent creatures, and they have many unique habits and behaviors that make them even more fascinating.

Yes indeed. It's interesting to watch their patterns to the tree, to the rail, to the feeder, maybe the top of the feeder first if another there, then into the food. That one male in particular has the habit of cocking his head to the side like that more than the others.

wow, hahahahah, this shows that you are a lover of birds for sure. Do have a nice day my good friend.

@ksteem Awesome capture of this pretty bird. I just love the one where it is picking up seeds from the feeder

singature small avatar.png

Thanks for the comments. It is fun watching the different types with the seeds, some of the raise their feet and shove away the ones they don't want to get to the nice sunflower seeds I mix in.