NFT for peace - Thank you for your continuous support

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The war has been raging in Ukraine for more than four long months now and unfortunately, it does not seem that it will stop any time soon.

Quickly after the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the Hivebuzz team mobilized and set up the NFT for Peace project to help the civilian populations victims of this war.

In a few days, more than 5585 HBD and HIVE (all tokens combined) were collected. And since then, the purchases of the NFT for Peace continue regularly, even if they are of lesser volume.

As of writing, we have raised 3450 HIVE and 4431 HBD.

We would like to warmly thank all those who participated and still participate in this outpouring of generosity. Here is the complete list of them (with the amount of their purchases):

@blocktrades (3250), @hivebuzz (520), @arcange (400), @bowess (320), @gamer00 (250), @m31 (250), @zirochka (230), @silversaver888 (135), @tattoodjay (135), @birdwatcher (130), @detlev (120), @jerrytsuseer (105), @edb (95), @mintrawa (75), @loonatic (70), @motionup (70), @wehmoen (70), @badpupper (70), @cryptosimplify (60), @brumest (60), @ewkaw (60), @bulldog-joy (50), @condeas (50), @deepresearch (50), @achimmertens (50), @shadowspub (50), @oliverschmid (35), @notaboutme (35), @nelinoeva (30), @ninnu (30), @eolinde (30), @johannpiber (30), @dreemport (25), @erikah (25), @carrinm (25), @pnc (25), @porters (25), @luvshares (25), @livinguktaiwan (25), @silviabeneforti (20), @soluce07 (20), @tommyl33 (15), @samsmith1971 (15), @libertycrypto27 (15), @phoenixwren (15), @dotwin1981 (15), @beststart (15), @forykw (15), @fermionico (15), @dreemsteem (15), @heros (15), @jacobpeacock (15), @jjprac (10), @harlowjourney (10), @heroldius (10), @iamraincrystal (10), @irisworld (10), @epodcaster (10), @elevator09 (10), @fjcalduch (10), @flemingfarm (10), @florian-glechner (10), @bighungrypanda (10), @blackzoda (10), @bambukah (10), @arkasz (10), @arthursiq5 (10), @doze (10), @browery (10), @chaodietas (10), @burn950 (10), @corvidae (10), @pixaroma (10), @pl-travelfeed (10), @priyanarc (10), @kobusu (10), @lesiopm (10), @mizuosemla (10), @milosm2302 (10), @sckoarn (10), @rcaine (10), @vlemon (10), @steevc (10), @ynwa.andree (10), @wazaqik (5), @wesphilbin (5), @yintercept (5), @revisesociology (5), @riverflows (5), @scoutroc (5), @seckorama (5), @traciyork (5), @vikvitnik (5), @thekittygirl (5), @stayoutoftherz (5), @steem82868 (5), @miriannalis (5), @lesmann (5), @leticiapereira (5), @lifeskills-tv (5), @littlebee4 (5), @littlenewthings (5), @ravenmus1c (5), @nuthman (5), @nelthari (5), @ninahaskin (5), @paolobeneforti (5), @pardinus (5), @perceval (5), @petrvl (5), @crrdlx (5), @cryptodive (5), @consciouscat (5), @cooperclub (5), @ciderjunkie (5), @dbooster (5), @drabs587 (5), @bbqgriffinwings (5), @adacardano (5), @akumagai (5), @appalachain (5), @breelikeatree (5), @bhattg (5), @biggerjoe (5), @blackdaisyft (5), @hairyfairy (5), @elianaicgomes (5), @elizacheng (5), @eddwood (5), @jacoalberts (5), @insaneworks (5), @hoosie (5), @justclickindiva (5), @kingneptune (5), @jeanpi1908 (5), @jfang003 (5), @jfuji (5)

Sorry to tag so many people, but each one deserves mention as every amount, even the smallest ones, makes a huge difference for those who will benefit from your help!

Your funds have been well used

As mentioned in the announcement post, the Hivebuzz team has not used any of the funds received for its own benefit or that of its members.

Here is the list of funds that have been transferred to date

@rollie1212250.000 HBD
@zirochka7243.449 HIVE

And here are the links to the reports on their use.

We want to share our admiration for @zirochka and @rollie1212 who gave a lot of their time and energy doing logistics and distribution of materials to help others.

We are also delighted that they have honored our trust by regularly providing an exhaustive report on the use of the funds received.

Your help and support are still welcome

The war is not over; many people still suffer and need our help. If you haven't done so yet, it is still possible to acquire the NFTs for Peace on your Hivebuzz board. You can read here how to do it

As already said, there is no supply limit and it will be possible to acquire the NFTs as long as the war lasts.

In the words of @zirochka:
Thanks for helping us to make this step towards peace together!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Thanks for the reminder about this! Just got two more!

Thank you for your support of the project @thekittygirl, much appreciated!

Just FYI, I plan to re-up the Ukraine flag as a part of the LUV token reply confirmation. I've had it on and off twice...don't want to overkill. But, I also want to see if a bit of spontaneous recovery might take place by bringing it back. Should be in the next few days.

great idea - will see if we can add it to beer as well

Thank you for that initiative @crrdlx. It's been appreciated and it will be again!
I guess we will both monitor it closely 😉


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Many Thanks guys! 🙏✌️❤️

Our pleasure @kobusu

Such a great initiative - well done to all of those involved in making it happen !

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Good work all!
Such a good cause 🙏🏻🥰

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Thank you @littlebee4

You are welcome @hivebuzz team 😁🐝

Thank you for that initiative and support toward the peace!


Hopefully peace will come soon.


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Thank you @hivebuzz for making this possible. It is very nice to help and although sometimes you can't do much, good intentions are also worth it.

Thank you for dedicating your time to this commendable work.


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So happy to have been able to assist. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm very new to the platform. I love the initiative. I'm glad to have found a whole lot of humanity on this platform❤️

Thank you for your feedback @lucianodoest