2012 Think Tank Lobbyist Patrick Clawson Pushes for 'Crisis Initiation' to Start War with Iran

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In this video I have uploaded segments from a 2012 "think tank" forum discussing USA and Israel policy for preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, even though both USA and Israel both have nukes. A think tank is an organization that lobbies for policy change. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP or TWI) is an American pro-Israel think tank based in Washington, D.C. This particular forum was in regards to their September 2012 report titled "How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout" by Patrick Clawson and David Makovsky. Patrick Clawson is the director of research and head of the Iran Security Initiative at TWI and David Makovsky is the director of the Project on the Middle East Peace Process at TWI.

In my upload, however, I have presented every clip where Patrick Clawson speaks and have fast-forwarded most of the other speakers. This is due to Patrick's very direct and concerning policy ideas that literally involve the United States covertly attacking Iran as pressure to start a war. Patrick terms this pressure as "crisis initiation" and alludes to many historic wars involving USA being started with this strategy. In other words, a "false flag" is often needed to get the United States and the American people emotionally brainwashed to go off to wars. These wars, of course, had long been planned and desired by these "think tanks" as being in the "US interest". And the coming Iran war is no different...

The timestamps of the video are listed below, along with the corresponding section of the original video in brackets.

  • 0:00 - Intro (0:00 to 0:07)
  • 0:07 - 50X speed (0:07 to 3:07)
  • 0:11 - Patrick Clawson Presentation (3:07 to 17:20)
  • 14:24 - 455X speed (17:20 to 1:00:08)
  • 14:30 - Final Offer = War (1:00:08 to 1:02:42)
  • 17:04 - 60X speed (1:02:42 to 1:06:08)
  • 17:08 - Q/A starts (1:06:08 to 1:06:16)
  • 17:16 - 20X speed (1:06:16 to 1:06:56)
  • 17:18 - Iran becoming North Korea = War (1:06:56 to 1:09:12)
  • 19:34 - 40X speed (1:09:12 to 1:11:13)
  • 19:37 - Question (1:11:13 to 1:11:17)
  • 19:41 - 8X speed (1:11:17 to 1:11:36)
  • 19:43 - Poll: Americans don't want war (1:11:36 to 1:12:02)
  • 20:09 - 30X speed (1:12:02 to 1:13:49)
  • 20:13 - Wars start with false flags (1:13:49 to 1:16:29)
    • 20:13 - Obama wants Iran nuclear prevention, not containment.
    • 21:39 - Patrick Clawson talks about "Crisis Initiation"
  • 22:53 - 20X speed (1:16:29 to 1:17:35)
  • 22:56 - USA attacking Iran covertly (1:17:35 to 1:19:04)

Links to the original video and additional sources are listed below:

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