Oraimo SoundView Unboxing || What I think about this device

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Yesterday I went out to collect my Oraimo package at the station where it was dropped. It was a very stressful journey, as discussed in this post here.


I got the item and it was time to unpack it, so I went to fetch my knife to separate the package from the product since it was tightly taped together. These products are always a struggle to open with bare hands, and I was not ready for that.



see me looking like Jackie Chan in action. After removing the package, it was left to remove the nylon from the box and bring out the product.

After I unpacked the product, I was a little disappointed with the size because, from the product image online, it seemed bigger than what it actually is.


The size of the clock is just about my palm length and very light in weight. At some point, it felt like I should return the product, but there is no return policy for this order, and I still wanted to know more about the other features this clock has.


At the top of the clock, we have some controls on it. From the picture above, you can see that there are about 5 buttons that help with its controls. We have the Mod, Minus (-), Play/Pause, Add (+), and Set buttons.



This product, named "Oraimo SoundView," is more than a clock but also a Bluetooth speaker and an alarm clock. I was planning on getting a Bluetooth speaker, but while searching through the net for which product to get, I found this and fell in love with it because I am not only getting a Bluetooth speaker but with other features added to it.

The price of the product cost me $16 to get. I bought it after reading some reviews about it, all of which were positive, but I have some likes and dislikes about it.

The sound is not as booming as I would have preferred, but it is still manageable to some extent. It also perfectly fits my room and I can easily check the clock comfortably while I am on the bed. Also,I can clearly see the time even in the dark.


I went to lie down on my bed to take a picture of the clock to show how it displays time even if everywhere is dark. I don't have to look for my phone to check the time when I wake up in the middle of the night.

From the position where I placed the alarm clock, it has a great view where there is light around. Here is a picture of me turning on the lights.

The clock happens to have two alarms that can be set. At first, I had difficulties setting up the alarm for the clock. I had to check out the manual before I was able to. Even after I did that, the alarm did not go off. I got frustrated and went to YouTube to look for help. I found out that there were not many tutorials on the product. Just about two or three YouTubers talked about the product.

Luckily, I found one of the videos helpful in making the alarm work. From the comments I saw in one of the videos, it seemed I was not the only one that faced that problem, and I am glad it was solved; if not, I would be pissed at myself for getting a product that I am not satisfied with.


On the side of the clock, there is a type C port, USB, and memory card slots. Type C is for charging, and the memory card slot is for reading music from the memory card inserted, but I don't know what the USB is for yet. I thought maybe it would serve as a power bank, but when I tried plugging my phone into it, nothing happened. I think I would still have to go back to my manual or YouTube to check it out to know what it is for.


By the way, what do you think about this product? Is it a type of product that is worth buying?


Designed by @ grisvisa

Starstrings01, also known as Giftedhands, attends the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta to study mechanical engineering. He is a lover of the hive, a guitarist from Nigeria, and a student.

His ambition on Hive is to be more than just an ordinary blogger; he wants to be someone with a purpose. That's why he started the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Please follow the @newbies-hive curation trail by clicking here.

He tries to juggle education with being active on the chain, but his love and passion for Hive keep him on track..

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You would have watched a lot of Jackie Chan's movies a lot. I hope the knife won't pierce into your nose the way you held it 😂😂😂😂

I think with the features you have talked about the Oraimo soundview, I guess it's okay and I like how small it is. For the fact that you can know what time it is even in the dark makes it more lovely.

Well, I don't know much about these products, but it's a good one. Besides, Oraimo product is long lasting as I heard.

 last year  

Yeah when I was little, I used to watch a lot of jackie chan movies. I think it is the camera that makes the knife looks close to my nose, it was not that close so it cannot pierce my nose.

I guess it's okay and I like how small it is. For the fact that you can know what time it is even in the dark makes it more lovely.

That's exactly the reason why I choose to keep the device. It is helpful.. I used it today to help me wake up early as 4:30am to prepare for the new day.

Oraimo product is long lasting as I heard.

The reason why I like Oraimo is that they add quality to their products. The only thing is that sometimes their product can be a little bit expensive.

 last year  

I just knew that the sound may not be great. That's the thing about making something "multi-purpose;" the features from the main may just be subpar.

I ~love the way it looks. It's bright and sleek as well. It will sure save me the stress of searching for my phone in the dark just to know the time.

I just hope the alarm isn't too loud. That may be annoying. It seems like a great product overall. I don't mind the size.

PS: the USB is to read audio files from USB storage dongles..

 last year  

Yeah it is sleek but I feel it would have been better let's say it was a little bigger than that.

The alarm is not too loud, it is moderate and enough to wake you up if you are not in a deep sleep.

Oh that's what the USB is for. It would have been great if they gave the product a very huge battery capacity and having it to be able to substitute as a Power Bank as well. It would make the product really dope.

I have always been a fan of oraimo products. Their products are really nice and i’m sure you will enjoy this particular one too. I want to get one of their Bluetooth speakers soon, since you didn’t buy this for two🌝

 last year  

You didn't tell me you needed one.... Or I would have considered getting for you too. Since you are planning on getting one, which do you have in mind of getting?

 last year  

It usually happens to many of us that the expectation is one and when we see the product purchased online we have mixed feelings, I like how you see the time perfectly in the dark, it is a nuisance when you wake up in the middle of the night and do not know what time it is and must look for the phone, I hate that, too bad it is half complicated to configure it, about the sound in my case there comes a time when the music so loud stuns me. I hope you enjoy your purchase.

 last year  

Yeah... This my situation is the exact description you described. Seeing the time in the dark is one feature I love about the product. I am enjoying it really well.

Would you get this type of product if you have it available at your region?

 last year  

It is very likely that yes, because it seems to me an excellent and practical tool.

Haha... The way you held the knife looks like a chicken is awaiting your kill.

I love Oraimo products and this is nice. I hope you get to learn more about it so it can be more enjoyable than stressful.

 last year  

Which of their product do you have?

Charger and It is damn fast.

 last year  

I used to have a lot of their products. Power bank, wristwatch, and earbuds. but right now, it is only the power bank and this newly gotten wristwatch I have now.

Oh yeah.. I have their power bank too, can't believe it skipped my mind seeing I just unplug my phone from it.

I have heard positive remarks on the wristwatch, I hope it isn't overrated.

Nice one, this is indeed a nice device and worth every penny spent on it.. I hope it serves you better for it purpose.

 last year  

Thank you very much! I hope it does...

Yeah, my pleasure.

My love for this product eh, their earphones are good

 last year  

exactly their earphones are really good. I have like two different types on me.

Very nice post dude, it looks very nice!


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Oriamo products are top-notch, I do enjoy their products and I'm sure you'll definitely enjoy this.

Enjoy while it last☺️