Ten years of obedience and excellence awarded. Congratulations friends.

How we became friends is something we might not really tell all we might be able to remember is that one thing led to another and we started talking and possibly exchanged contacts and we became fun of ourselves and the journey of friendship grew.

There are also another scenarios where those who are we friends with were like the worse things we could behold. Everything about such people really irritates us and if we had the opportunity to eliminate such persons out of our sights we could had done it yet if we are asked why such hatred we had nothing tangible to say just that something in us just don't like those persons. And one day, that person does something that wows you and your thoughts and perceptions of them automatically changed and you start picking interest in them and funny enough such a person ends becoming our close pal Bob Marley sees it this way.

Your Worst Enemy Could Be Your Best Friend & Your Best Friend Your Worst Enemy

Bob Marley.

In this post, I want to celebrate my friends and coworkers who had worked excellently and obediently for ten solid years and the institution sees great reasons to award their years of service in building the total child and by extension helping in building our nation and the world at large. Teachers people of influence and when teachers teach with passion and dedication, the best in our learners are nurtured. Aaron Bacall ascerts

Your heart is slightly larger than the average human heart, but that's because you're a teacher.










the ten awardees.
I wasn't among the ten people that got the long service award I'm just 3 years old with them .
I use this medium to celebrate with these friends and colleagues for a well deserved awards.

They never saw the award coming, they had been working like every other regular staff in the school coming early to work and discharge their duties like others just hoping for the best in this honorable teaching profession that the government of Nigeria doesn't have much regards for but teachers all the world over understand that teaching is a good profession and that teacher's reward isn't just in heaven but also here on earth thus the management of the school decided to take the center stage to honor their teachers for standing with them these ten years.



Well done on recognising the awards of others, most people only share their own great works, this tells us something about you! 😎

As for your thoughts on friendship, it can be difficult to define what a person can come to mean to us over time, I like to let life happen and await the surprises and rewards that arrive in the end.

As for those who disappoint, hurt or betray us, I choose to not focus on them too much, I merely accept the learning that comes and move on. Somewhere inside my head I try and forgive them and give no more mind space to them.

I have precious few true friends in my life and I am happy this way, I cherish those who have become important to me, the ones who bring love, true friendship and fulfilment to my life.

I have a lot of time for teachers. The best teachers are forever learning, evolving their habits and trying to find new and exciting, engaging ways to impart knowledge in to the mind of their students.

It is more of a vocation for those who are good at it.

A simple guy who loves teaching kids morality and spirituality.

I LOVE this! Stay true to that statement and you will remain a very special person. 😎

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