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What about that 4th commandment?

This video will serve as an introduction for a series that I'm starting on the sabbath. If you're not ready to contemplate the potential validity of the sabbath, then this video (and series) is not for you at this time. For the rest of you, I request that you prayerfully consider the things that I am about to share.

The Sabbath - INTRODUCTION - Video

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Interesting. I never knew you followed religion or better still, God. Nice to know. Is it a coincidence that you love everything you do, love your family, love the creatures in and around your place and now I get to know that you love God? Looks like all is intertwined. 😃

I eagerly welcome your spiritual food for thought videos and look forward to them. I feel you have a refreshing perspective on the bible and have cited your views to other Christians at my church. Thanks for your ministry. Blessings.

Left a comment on YT, but basically I said that once I started questioning the Sabbath and bringing it up with other believers I got the same basic response as you did!