Fractured Reality

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In this series I used my favorite teleidoscope, the Vario-Spiegel-Vorsatz, attached to 28mm and 50mm prime lenses to capture several subjects. As I've done in previous posts I put the subject on the same rotating lazy susan as the camera to get the lights in my studio to illuminate all around the subject. Most of these were shot with a macro extension tube.

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Those pictures are amazing. Note that I had to search the Internet to get what a teleidoscope was. I am not used to this kind of object at all (but I am not a photographer, so that it may be normal).


 last year  

Thank you! I could have explained what it is as indeed it's probably not something most people would know.

 last year  

I wish I could find a Vario-Spiegel-Vorsatz on sale one day... Great serie pal 👏

 last year  

I was very lucky to find mine second hand in a photo shop. Incredibly for just 15E including 3 prisms! If the seller only knew how rare these are...

How does this thing attach? Is it a screw on thing like a filter?

Great pics as well. I love the red and blue one with the criss-cross and the 'flower' in the circle 🤓

 last year  

Here's the nifty little thing


I see there is one on Ebay... I don't know if I should grab it though, sometimes we just gotta make do with what we got, I can't take on too much new gear at once. But maybe one day, its definitely amazing for sure. 😃

 last year  

Just had a look. It's $70! I was really lucky for having payed 15E together with 3 prism attachments. But since you're into DIY... you could make your own. All you need is some mirrors and ducttape. I've made mine with plexiglass mirrors I got from the scrap heap of a local plastics factory. Advantage is you'll be able to make it big enough to fit your camera inside and point it to the sides for off center teleidoscope goodness.

Yeah... maybe I could come up with something even crazier. Missing that 3d printer for sure 😢 Cutting the mirrors might not be an easy task. However might be able to find some pre cut ones on Etsy or something. Theres a lot of cool random stuff on there. I’ll keep you guys posted. But that’s definitely a sweet snag for 15 euros!!! 😎 🕺🏻

 last year  

Yes it's like a filter attachment. I'll post a pic later tonight. Thank you 😊.

 last year