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Here is a few of my cityscape lightpaints, the few and the far between... at least so far... really needing to work on the technique. Maybe making some more lightpainting implements for kit is a bit 'basic' at the moment, but I guess it's not the size/shape of your tube but how you swing it that counts.

Clicking on the pics will load a higher resolution file, if you're interested.

70mm Canon 7D 30s f8 ISO 160

I had as well a couple steel wool pics in the mix, I thought I'd add a variety since I haven't managed to post in more regular intervals up until now. I think that some of my old post images got trashed as well because I used a free file host which dissapeared and now many of the pics are lost. At least until I post them back up, and it was on 'the olde blockchain' if y'all know what I'm saying coughsteemycough
Anyways onto more pics

Auto Service - It's what they do there, or is it really?
70mm Canon 7D 30s f14 ISO 160

The All Seeing O
17mm Canon 7D 13s f10 ISO 320

70mm Canon 7D 30s f14 ISO 160

35mm Canon 7D 53s f6.3 ISO 320

Prysmatic SyNRG™
35mm Canon 7D 40s f8 ISO 160

tx rx
35mm Canon 7D 40s f8 ISO 160

There are a few more pics in this series, if you'd like to view the full set you can go here.


Nice photos!

Thank you for the delegation as well!! <3

 last year  

It's always good to see a lightpainter's journey of discovery. "LED Eddie" once said to me years ago that I should develop my own lightpainting style and I've been working to that mantra ever since. Keep 'em coming!

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it @fastchrisuk 😊 In the meantime, I hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' some ideas from you on the quest 😁🤣😜 There certainly is "a lot" one can do with the medium 😀

@tipu curate

Thanks a lot @josediccus 😊

 last year  

Great set mate. Keep them coming.

Thanks, I appreciate that knowing other people can enjoy too. As far as these go, they're nowhere near as AMAZING as yours ;) But it's just about making art and then if it sucks, just making more until it's good ;) There's always more canvas to play around with...

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