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RE: Introducing A New Hive Community "HiveBootcampHub"

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Absolutely awesome. HIVE just got better. Cheers!


Hey my friend! I’m really glad you didn’t give up on us here on hive. I’m glad you kind of reinvented yourself and your content that wasn’t working as well for you from a votes and engagement perspective.

I remember this exchange you and I had where you were struggling to find some ground with your posting. I’m looking at your profile and the involvement in this community growing project and I think you’ve done really well since this exchange we had! Proud of you dude! You had a challenge but didn’t give up, you kept going and I think are more connected now than those few months ago! I think you can still post a philosophy one here and there since you enjoy those but it’s great to have a blend of content!


Smiles. you are absolutely right @cmplxty! Now that you brought back sweet memories of the exchanges we had on that post, all i can do is laugh.

i got to virtually meet my hive mentor (@olasamuel) not quite long after we had this chat. I was away for a while, but i tried my best to come back and it's been awesome so far.

I'm really glad you engaged me on this article, and I definitely look forward to having you work with the @hivebootcamphub team. We really want to make HIVE the very best! And we need hivers like you to achieve our mission and goals!

And yes, I've been thinking of dropping a few philosophical posts too. I actually do miss them!lol! Hopefully, i will one of these days!

Makes me happy that you stuck around and made a good friend that’s your mentor. We can all hope to be able to foster that kind of relationship with people!

I think we will definitely be working together, getting out there and making lots of people feel welcome and have a place to go and get information without getting lost or cheated out of something.

You can add me on discord but I’m on there maybe once or twice a month. I spend 95% of my time here on the chain, talking to people and curating posts whenever I can. I’m holding out for a great chat app that’s integrated with the blockchain here, so hopefully we can spend less time in a platform like discord.

My handle is the same as here, cmplxty but I can’t remember the numbers after it. I can’t seem to connect to WiFi right now to log into it.

@cmplxty, reading through your comment just made my day! I most definitely look forward to working together. I bet it'll be the best thing ever to happen to me on the!
Thanks for all you do!
BTW, I would definitely like to try such an app out. I have tried to search for such an app, hoping i could stumble upon it, but i couldn't find it.
i also tried to search for you on discord, but that didn't work out as i had hoped too.

I just found my discord account it’s cmplxty#1480 you should add me there!

I’m glad that I give you hope and enjoyment on here. It’s one of the things that helps keep me doing this, so I can spread joy and happiness in a time of turmoil that we are going through.

If you do send me a message on discord you’ll have to excuse me, I will make an effort to check it lol but it’s a great place to connect with people of the communities. I just wish we had an option that was tied to the blockchain here but I guess that will come with time.

Thanks @cmplxty. I just sent you a request. mine is Que#2005

As regards the issue of having an option that is tied to the blockchain so we don't have to use platforms like discord, i discussed with my friend @gotgame who is a programmer. He said it's something that can be worked on. i really don't know much about things like this, but he seems to be worried about the hive community accepting such a project. if you guys can talk it out, maybe it can be the birth of something new and fantastic on the blockchain!

And it's no worries, if you are always available on the blockchain, I'll just find a way to reach out to you on here then.! Cheers and thanks!

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