Introducing A New Hive Community "HiveBootcampHub"


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Dear Hivers!

This post was written to introduce to all Hivers our newly created Hive Community "HiveBootcampHub" with community tag "hive-109221" and to also give an highlight of all activities for the past two months in the Hive Bootcamp Hub community in general. Before going further, kindly subscribe to our HiveBootcampHub Community here.

Two months ago, we launched Hive Bootcamp Hub as a Native community which was created mainly to help onboard, educate and promote Hive to the Masses. Since Hive Bootcamp Hub came into existence, we've been taking bold steps to help make Hive a leading hub in the Social Media industry at large. We've carried out a good number of activities and they include the following:

Live Tutorial Class

We have been able to organize 6 live tutorial classes since we came onboard. We also gave out lecture note of each of those classes as they were all published on our official Hive account for record purposes and for newbies that will be joining the ecosystem in future to have access to our educational materials as it would help them have a basic understanding of the platform.

Partnership with Airhawk-Exchange

As part of our mission to educate Hivers and promote Hive platform, we made a partnership agreement with Airhawk-exchange to educate Hivers about cryptocurrency, blockchain and how to carry out trading of HIVE, HBD and other cryptocurrency tokens in various exchanges including Hive-Engine.

Lecture Notes

For every tutorial class we have, we give out lecture notes that contains all the information and tips shared in each of the classes. The lecture note are published on our official Hive account here with a special tag given to them so that Newbies that didn't get to witness the class will be able to access those lecture notes at anytime.

350+ Bootcampers and Counting

As part of our strive to grow Hive, we've been able to onboard new users and bring back old users who used to blog back then on Steem. If we go by counting them one by one, we will be counting close to 100 members out of over 350 members that we have on Hive Bootcamp Hub community both on our Whatsapp group and Discord Server.

Twitter Wave (POSH)

Promoting Hive has been one of the main activities in our community and as such, we've been doing all we can to make social media waves on Twitter via our official Twitter account. We've also been pushing our members to join in the quest to promote Hive on Twitter and this is exactly the reason we created a posh channel where every user drop their tweet link on our Discord Server.

Delegation to New Hivers

Maybe I should remind you all that Hive Bootcamp Hub is barely two months old and we've been doing all we can to make sure that Hive becomes nothing but the best when we talk about Social media platforms at large. As a part of our mission to give newbies a befitting start on the platform, we delegated close to 200 Hive Power in total to a good number of new Hivers.


In a bid to help promote Hive and help Hivers most especially newbies get started as a content creator on Hive, we decided to add to the list of activities we are focused on in our community after thinking it through and we realize Curation is a very good way to make people stay on the platform after they join.

Therefore, we Created own Hive Community with community tag "hive-109221" and we call it "HiveBootcampHub".

HiveBootcampHub is a Native Hive Community that supports quality contents from all niche. Don't get it wrong, we are only adding to the number of things we offer to Hivers just to make sure we get Hive to the next level. Therefore, Hive Bootcamp Hub is a Native Hive Community that is focused on:

  • Onboarding new users (especially Africans),
  • Educating them on how the Hive platform works,
  • Helping them get started as content creators on social media,
  • Promoting Hive blockchain to the masses (POSH), and
  • Rewarding or Curating quality contents on Hive

Contest and Curation Shows on Discord

We plan to organize contest and curation shows on Discord in the nearest future. Our contest would likely be a writing contest alongside a twitter initiative where we get to promote Hive, onboard new members and at the same time give back to the community. The Curation show will be a live show on our Discord Server where by Hivers will be giving the opportunity to present their articles to everyone and in return get some reward for it if we find their post quality enough. However, we will need the community support to make this a success. Therefore, we will like to request for delegations or donations in form of Hive and HBD which we can give out as prize in contest.

Request For Support and Delegations

Just as I said earlier, In order to make this a success we will need your support and delegations to @hivebootcamphub which is the community official Hive account. Currently, we have over 100HP staked in the account and we will like to request for your support by delegating Hive Power to our Community Account.

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Special thanks to the likes of @hiveangelists, @threespeak, @starkerz, @theycallmedan, and @StateOfTheDapps for organizing the Hive Community Leader Initiative geared towards fostering the development and promotion of Hive. We look forward to continue working together with everyone so that we can make Hive a leading hub in the Social Media industry.

Written and Compiled By @olasamuel

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This is the time to get more serious with things

The Hive Bootcamp Hub Team ain't tired and we are very determined and focused to see you guys prosper and successful as a content creator and Crypto Enthusiast both on Hive and beyond.

All we need is your support

Join the Discord Server so you don't miss out 👇

Discord Server

It's our passion to make sure that the Hive ecosystem continue to grow and we believe the best way to go about this is to take actions that will help bring in new users and educate them on the things that they need to know to be a successful content creator and crypto Enthusiast on Hive.

This is just the beginning of great things on Hive Bootcamp Hub, as we look forward to enhancing, simplifying and making easy the onboarding process of newbies on Hive.

Don't Forget

In Hive Bootcamp Hub, We Nurture For A Brighter Hive Future

The Hive Bootcamp Hub Roadmap

  • We plan on hosting a tutorial class every Saturdays of the week.

  • More effective measures to onboard new users and promote the Hive Blockchain will be put in place as we progress.

  • There are plans to move our classes to Telegram in the future due to the limited number of participants whatsapp can take.

  • A weekly or bi-weekly publication of our activities will be published to the Hive community.

  • We plan to hold webinars to facilitate our Hive Bootcamp classes in the future.

  • There's also the plan to organize contests and giveaways for newbies using part of the funds generated from post payout of @hivebootcamphub Hive account to encourage them

The Hive Bootcamp Hub Team

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Where to Reach Us
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Congratulations... We need to see more initiatives like this springing up to support the Hive community.
I've been following your activities on discord and WhatsApp group and I must say the zeal is unmatched. You always a have a followed in me, I just subscribes. I hope i can keep up?
Well done.

Thanks for your kind words @ralphsam2! We are glad you have been moving along with us. Thanks for subscribing. And we hope you do keep up. Cheers!

Hey my friend! I’m really glad you didn’t give up on us here on hive. I’m glad you kind of reinvented yourself and your content that wasn’t working as well for you from a votes and engagement perspective.

I remember this exchange you and I had where you were struggling to find some ground with your posting. I’m looking at your profile and the involvement in this community growing project and I think you’ve done really well since this exchange we had! Proud of you dude! You had a challenge but didn’t give up, you kept going and I think are more connected now than those few months ago! I think you can still post a philosophy one here and there since you enjoy those but it’s great to have a blend of content!


Smiles. you are absolutely right @cmplxty! Now that you brought back sweet memories of the exchanges we had on that post, all i can do is laugh.

i got to virtually meet my hive mentor (@olasamuel) not quite long after we had this chat. I was away for a while, but i tried my best to come back and it's been awesome so far.

I'm really glad you engaged me on this article, and I definitely look forward to having you work with the @hivebootcamphub team. We really want to make HIVE the very best! And we need hivers like you to achieve our mission and goals!

And yes, I've been thinking of dropping a few philosophical posts too. I actually do miss them!lol! Hopefully, i will one of these days!

Makes me happy that you stuck around and made a good friend that’s your mentor. We can all hope to be able to foster that kind of relationship with people!

I think we will definitely be working together, getting out there and making lots of people feel welcome and have a place to go and get information without getting lost or cheated out of something.

You can add me on discord but I’m on there maybe once or twice a month. I spend 95% of my time here on the chain, talking to people and curating posts whenever I can. I’m holding out for a great chat app that’s integrated with the blockchain here, so hopefully we can spend less time in a platform like discord.

My handle is the same as here, cmplxty but I can’t remember the numbers after it. I can’t seem to connect to WiFi right now to log into it.

@cmplxty, reading through your comment just made my day! I most definitely look forward to working together. I bet it'll be the best thing ever to happen to me on the!
Thanks for all you do!
BTW, I would definitely like to try such an app out. I have tried to search for such an app, hoping i could stumble upon it, but i couldn't find it.
i also tried to search for you on discord, but that didn't work out as i had hoped too.

I just found my discord account it’s cmplxty#1480 you should add me there!

I’m glad that I give you hope and enjoyment on here. It’s one of the things that helps keep me doing this, so I can spread joy and happiness in a time of turmoil that we are going through.

If you do send me a message on discord you’ll have to excuse me, I will make an effort to check it lol but it’s a great place to connect with people of the communities. I just wish we had an option that was tied to the blockchain here but I guess that will come with time.

Thanks @cmplxty. I just sent you a request. mine is Que#2005

As regards the issue of having an option that is tied to the blockchain so we don't have to use platforms like discord, i discussed with my friend @gotgame who is a programmer. He said it's something that can be worked on. i really don't know much about things like this, but he seems to be worried about the hive community accepting such a project. if you guys can talk it out, maybe it can be the birth of something new and fantastic on the blockchain!

And it's no worries, if you are always available on the blockchain, I'll just find a way to reach out to you on here then.! Cheers and thanks!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

What a fantastic progress we have made so far. Congrats team.

wow, am really impressed, and this onboarding and learning will go long on hive, congratulations Team...

Yes @emekasegun. thanks for the efforts put into make this happen! @hivebootcamphub will soar high on this blockchain! Cheers!

A new community, a new excitement!

We are glad you can also feel the excitement like we do! We look forward to seeing you participate in our community! Cheers!

This is beautiful
greater things awaits Hive Bootcamp hub

Really awesome stuff here! I’m glad that we’ve gotten better at seeking out new people and trying to get them settled and familiar with many of the things on here.

Thinking of ways to help people like me, who are constantly trying to get out there and find new users to engage with and guide them along, would you repost new peoples posts somehow with the account? I know some consider that spam but I’m thinking of ways to help me find those you are engaging with and helping out so I can give them some help as well.

I’ll put this group on the list of accounts I’ll be delegating to when I achieve my 10k hive power goal. Once I get there I’ll start doing some delegations again but not until I get there, so I can continue my progress and voting of the smallest accounts!

Thanks for taking your time to share this awesome news with us. It would be an honor for us to work with you and we definitely hope you achieve your hive power goal. The @hivebootcamphub community would be happy to help realize this goal if that can be made possible!
Thanks for the good work you do on the blockchain, it's actually worthy of emulation.!

Thanks, you folks make sure you get to the new users and I will be there with you to help guide them! I'll get to my hive power goals, I'm off to a good record lately to get there so I think it will certainly happen. It's good to be able to do that and at the same time help the new people. It doesn't make the process of getting my hive power goals slower which is great.

@cmplxty, this sounds great. Thanks for being your awesome self! We hope to make good progress on our end here. We just followed you :). We definitely will keep you up to date. Do have a lovely afternoon!

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Super excellent