BREAKING NEWS: Hankook to supply tyres for World Rally Championship from 2025

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Hi, friends!

Korean manufacturer Hankook won a tender from FIA to become a tyre supplier from season 2025 until season 2027. I must admit that I am astonished by this decision but they obviously had bettet offer and won a tender in front of Michelin and MRF.

No doubt that Michelin has better tires but you can't do anything against better offer. I tried to drive on Hankook and realised quickly hoe much better tire Pirelli is. Difference is just significant.

So all four wheel drive machinery in three classes - WRC1, WRC2 and WRC3 will have to use Hankook rubber and two-wheel drive cars could choose any homologated tire manufacturer.

We still have one season to enjoy in great tires before Hankook takes it all.

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Junior ERC cars used Hankook rubber this season:

Credit for photos and videos to ERC and Youtube

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