Onboard rally video of the day - Thierry Neuville with Hyundai i20 WRC at Rally Germany 2019

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Hi, friends!

Belgium rally ace Thierry Neuville was always super strong on tarmac and that's what he shows regularly by winning the tarmac events from season to season.

I don't understand how that good driver like Neuville never won any of the titles but he finished 2nd overall in the World Rally Championship numerous times.

He started his stint with Hyundai in 2014, from their new beginning (just to inform you that they were involved in WRC until 2003 with MSD as their tuner) but it seems that something is missing.

Next season he and Estonian Ott Tanak will have equal status and three other drivers will help them to secure the driver's title.

Watch Neuville's performance from German tarmac and judge by yourself his qualities.

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