Škoda to deliver only five new Fabia RS Rally2 cars to the private teams in 2022

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Škoda Motorsport revealed yesterday that they still have the same problem as before and that is a lack of the spare parts, the same problem which probably every company on planet has right now.

That's why they can't deliver the new cars to the private teams and customers because it would be stupid to sell the rally cars without having the spare parts for it.

They had pretty successful debut with the new car at Lausitz Rallye, which is a part of the German Rally Championship. Their works driver Andreas Mikkelsen was behind a steering wheel and they didn't have a single mechanical problem during the whole weekend.

Škoda Motorsport doesn't run the car by themselves. Toksport from Germany runs their cars as their satellite rally team on all kind of championships so it is kinda logical that they will get their first cars outside of factory.

Yeah, first five new Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 cars will go to Toksport and we still don't know about other private teams who are interested for the cars.

But we know that they aim to sell fifty cars in 2023 which is half of the number they sold three years ago.

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