Stephane Lefebvre tested Toyota Yaris Rally2 ahead of WRC Monte Carlo Rallye 2024

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Big week is in front of Toyota Racing team because FIA officials is coming to their headquarters to inspect their new rally weapon called Yaris Rally2 because that car should be homologated for racing from January 1st.

Yeqh, five Yaris Rally2 cars are expected to be at the start ramp of Monte Carlo Rallye next month so they are having a big testing program currently and in following weeks. That way they will be able to help customers with set-up and how to deal with potential problems.

French rally driver with works experience from Citroen, Stephane Lefebvre is testing Yaris Rally2 extensively somewhere in the French Alps where they can find conditions very similar to the ones from Monte Carlo Rallye.

It ia still unknown if Lefebvre will be one of the drivers behind a steering wheel of Yaris at Monte but he usually drives that event so I expect to see him on the entry list.

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Can’t wait for the new season to start!!! Watching old WRC, to quell withdrawal symptoms lol…