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Hello guys, it's been so long. It's been 25 days since my last article and truth be told, I don't mean to be inactive for so long.

So much has happened since I lost the only job that pays and I lost a lot of weight too. Haha

It's given, yeah?

I was battling frustration and desperation by working harder, physically every day that I could be put into slumber due to exhaustion.

I ate well and slept well but due to tedious work, I lost weight, about 5 kilograms. My parents feel bad that I woke up at 4 am, had my coffee, went to the swine, fed them and cleaned them up, had breakfast, prepared dogs' food, and spent the whole morning gathering firewood and went home slicing banana trunk, feeding the swine again and cook banana trunk again and in the afternoon I couldn't even take a nap to keep cooking lots and lots of pigs' food since I don't have money to buy feeds. In the evening, it's the pigs feeding again and slicing banana trunks again after dinner. At 7 pm, I am in Dreamland.

Throughout the two weeks, I have no shop duty, my whole world revolves around my pigs.

The fattening pigs' recent picture and that's Sweeney and Brenda at the back, barely visible.

I am so grateful I have them that I have no time to succumb to self-pity that I'm unemployed at 29. Hahaha

My bills piled up and with so many mouths to feed and students that asked for allowances, I was drowning in debt.

"It's always darker thou before the dawn."
I've been watching a Korean drama entitled Daily Dose of Sunshine. It's all about mental illnesses and dealing with it. It was so helpful, helped me stay sober and be a spectator of myself so that I could tell what I was supposed to do.

In those trying times, I held on. I have God to cling to and I have family and friends to talk to.

I did suffer from panic attacks; I was enveloped with fear without warning and I was so convinced I'd die any minute. It did keep me from my sleep for an hour or two at night but that is where faith comes in, peace overcomes fear and I still be able to have my beloved sleep. Isn't it amazing?

Dawn did happen.
My employer, struggling on her own in every aspect of her life possible, we're best of friends but we both know we need our space, we didn't talk about stuff while it was so hot.

After some time, I asked my Aunt (but I call her Ate for she married my Uncle I call Manong as I was treated as the youngest in the family when I was living with them,) if she could buy another one of my piglets for she has already two of it. I was so in need of money to buy feeds, I was so tired and sore all over battling with food preparation.

Most of our relatives hate her and even grandma doesn't like her but she loves me. It's so funny how many people don't like me but those who do, they count. Haha

I told her about the store being closed and that I don't have regular pay to fend for my pets.

It's nice to have an asset but sometimes it's saket.

Saket is from the word sakit that means pain. Pain in the ass. Haha

She was kind of disappointed I didn't tell her right away for when my Uncle's family last visited, he told me about having my store. That was two years ago and I wasn't confident about it. My uncle did ask her to invest in something and have a business I don't know what's the reason. As for me, maybe he's tired, he wants to be home with his family for his son is barely 4 years old. He's a Captain of a ship, he's a seafarer and I can't imagine the stress he's dealing with.

To make this already long explanation short, they gave me money. They gave me money to start my own and thus, last November 8, 2023, is when this store was conceived. I asked my friend and she said yes to me, to have the store to be revived by me.

Let me share my Spiritual Diary entry on that day. I'll just screenshot it.🤭


I had my troubles with renovation as it's kind of problematic family that owns it but I've been operating a week ago with just little stocks for people to know we're open again.

I have lots of stories to tell but let me end it here. Since I have time to sit down nowadays, I'll be on Hive most of the time now.

See you around folks.

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Thanks. Gracias. Salamat.



Life's ups and downs have a way of pushing us to the edge where we think we may never get out of it. But there's always light at the end of the tunnel, when the night eventually ends and a new dawn begins.

It's heartwarming reading your Spiritual Diary for November 8, we might not see or understand the whole picture, but God always does :)

So you have the store now?

Hello there @tengolotodo
Ah yes, I have the store now and numerous pets too.

Wow total respect to you Jelly, you are some girl!
I hope family helps too...

As I can't compromise my Saturday activity in the community, my brother manning the store now and Mom stepped up her game with chores for she needs to feed my pigs during lunch and dinner. I can only attend to them in the morning feeding and bathing and cleaning the pen.

And Dad, he cooks now. Hahaha

Your Dad cooks?
Hahahaha no way. Well glad you mum helping and your brother too!
Seems they are finally helping you. Where is the next video though Jelly..

And he minimized his drinks. Haha, a miracle. And he's quite scared I'll be very scandalous, bringing everyone to mud with me. Hahaha

Somehow they're kind of appreciative nowadays.

Uh, wait. What video was it? Haha, I literally forgot what it is all about.

Thank you for being a dear friend, your interest in what I do feels great. It's kind of a compliment to me.

You know I am always interested Jelly.


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