Good In Your Own Skin

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"I never make the same mistake twice. I make it like five or six times, you know, just to be sure."

Yeah! I promised a friend to write something daily, but the usual me still took a day off. Well, that was a mistake, didn't mean it to be so. As it is, I am trying to get used to something I shy away from - Writing!


Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

I know how much I admire people who have a streak of writing for stretch of days, and do wonder where they get those inspirations from. Whenever I grab a pen and pad or keys on screen, the very idea that motivated me disappears into thin air. Who knows? Perhaps I did not have any idea to start with and was just trying to imitate someone else.

I love learning and quite a fast one if interested, but things get really slow when it's time to pick from two or more choices. In a place like Hive where you'd find writers with quality and quantity, there's no doubt one would love to be like them. The mess I do face in this situation is that there's no one way to write. Everyone does it differently. So how should I write mine? Clause and pause.

Endowed with various traits and characters, we are bound to achieve things in varying ways. It's a good thought wanting to be like someone else. At least, everyone wants better things for themselves. The negative side that often comes with such want is that we often fail to invest in ourselves and hence walk away from doing better in our own little way.


We are indeed blessed differently and that's what make us who we are. A tortoise might be slow since it's carrying that load of a shell, but in the face of danger, it seeks protection from it. If it decides to imitate the fast hare by ditching it's shell, you know what's next...

I've made a choice to write down whatever I can in my own way. I feel happy reading through it even though it doesn't really makes sense. It's just me competing with myself.

You are built with unique characteristics to make you feel on top of the world. You just have to see it your own way. There's no reason to compete or compare.
Be yourself and make the difference.


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Oh my, someone finally took up his writing ink 😎🥺

I am so glad you are doing this.

It doesn't matter if you are writing three times a week for now. With time, you'll get addicted, and 7 days a week will seem too small for all the thoughts you wish to share on this space... Believe me.

Well done on getting started again, our Dreem supplier 🤗😊. I am proud of you. Just breathe and do you... Cheers.

Thank God the ink had not dried up, it still writes faintly.
Thanks for stopping by, your comment is really appreciated.

Yeah. I love that the ink still writes.... Shake it a bit, it will flow up, and write more clearly.

You are welcome boss. ❤️❤️

I wonder who the boss is. 🤔😂
Let me just keep quiet sha.

You are the boss oooo 😅😂

@mcyusuf, this comment has been manually curated with LUV

You are such a beautiful writer Ismaheel.

across the board. so classy, so heartfelt. your images are so carefully chosen and beautiful.

it's just always such a joy to read and collect my own thoughts with you! hehehe

please please please.... don't stop! hehehe

You have a gift, my friend
Use it!!! Don't lose it!

Love you!

Well, @mcyusuf, I don't know what order you're likely to be reading my comments, but I mentioned I'd be calling over to your blog to find out a little bit about you on Dreemie's post,, and now I'm here.

I have to say, I love your writing style, and can absolutely relate to:

the very idea that motivated me disappears into thin air.

They are so fickle those ideas. They land. They play about in your head. And then, just as you begin to write or type, Poof! They're gone. Lol!

Glad you held onto the one for this post and you followed it through. Hope to be reading a lot more from you in this challenge, and getting to know you too. 💛

Well, I had read the other one first.
Thanks for stopping by.

As you might have noticed, they are still disappearing into thin air. Poof! Poof!! Poof!!!
I just hope this challenge gets to wake me up. lol